Matilda Callbacks

Thank you all for auditioning. It was great to see everyone yesterday and today. Below is the callback list. If you are listed, please come prepared for callbacks tomorrow. There are links to acting sides and music on the Matilda main page. If you did not get a callback, it does NOT mean you are not in the show, only that we don't need to see you again.

AdelaArdreyMrs. Wormwood
KathrynAsielMiss Honey
Nina BowensMatilda
MatthewBukzin Escopologist/Doctor, Bruce
HenryCarsonTrunchbull, Mr. Wormwood, Escopologist/Doctor
FinleyChevrierTrunchbull, Mr. Wormwood
NoahFaberTrunchbull, Mr. Wormwood, Escopologist/Doctor
BenHerreraTrunchbull, Mr. Wormwood
CharlieJandoraMrs. Wormwood, Mrs. Phelps, Trunchbull
AndrewMaskoffTrunchbull, Mr. Wormwood, Bruce, Rudolpho
ImogenMedoffMrs. Phelps
Sophia PappMiss Honey, Mrs. Wormwood, Mrs. Phelps, Trunchbull
JosyPitaroMiss Honey, Mrs. Wormwood
IvaRadmanMiss Honey
Cooper Sadler Rudolpho
VivianShamieMrs. Phelps
Sara StanleyMatilda