***Please note you must turn in a real contract (received at the parent meeting)

DUE: TUESDAY 11/22 by 1:00 pm

Being involved in a show is a major time commitment for everyone involved. 
The purpose of this contract is to make clear both the time commitment.
and the responsibilities involved with accepting a role in this show.

 1) All company members MUST attend the costume parade on March 10th and every rehearsal starting on March 13th.

  1. please note these dates in case you already have a scheduled appointment & now need to change the date.
  2. family trips and other planned absences are not permitted from March 10th on.

2) Rehearsals are scheduled from 2:30 until 5:00 prior to March 10th.

3) From March 10th on, expect extended rehearsal times as late as 7:30pm.

4) All company members are allowed 2 excused absences prior to March 10th.

  1. a student who is sick from school MAY NOT attend rehearsal/performance on that day
  2. this is not part of the 2 excused absences you are allotted prior to March 10th.

5) Any company member who causes a problem or disrupts rehearsal will be replaced.

6) All company members must be picked up on time. Those members picked up late will be dropped from the show. 

  1. Parents are expected 5 minutes prior to pick up time (i.e. 4:55 for a 5:00 pick up)
  2. You may arrange for other parents to pick your child up from rehearsal

7) Company members will wait inside the building until their ride has arrived.

  1. please pull all the way forward when picking your child up or park and pick them up inside.

8) Parents and students must read the entire information packet.

  1. Email or call Tami Benanav at or (203) 912-3595 with any questions.