Character Breakdown

ELLA (CINDERELLA) is a young lady with the kindest heart in the kingdom. She dreams of escaping her endless chores so she might one day see the world.

MADAME is Ella’s stepmother, a vain and tyrannical woman only concerned with her wealth and her daughters’ happiness. Madame does not consider Ella, her stepdaughter, a true daughter.

PRINCE TOPHER is the Prince of the entire kingdom, but he needs a bit of inspiration to realize his full potential.

SEBASTIAN is Topher’s Lord Chancellor. Although Sebastian wants to protect the Prince, he does so by shielding the Prince completely from what is going on in the kingdom.

LORD PINKLETON is Sebastian’s second- in-command and the herald for all important events or information.

MARIE enters the story as a senile poor woman, but she magically transforms into her true form as Ella’s wise and compassionate Fairy Godmother.

JEAN-MICHEL is a poor revolutionary with many ideas about how to improve society. Jean- Michel is in love with Gabrielle.

GABRIELLE begins the story as just another selfish stepsister but finds camaraderie in Ella when she reveals to Ella that she would give up her riches to be with Jean-Michel.

CHARLOTTE is one of Ella’s stepsisters who treats Ella cruelly but, quite honestly, doesn’t know much better because she is so self-involved. Charlotte’s a bit of a clown and definitely the last one in on the joke. 

VARIOUS OTHER CHARACTERS including a Fox, a Raccoon, a Driver, Knights, Townspeople, Lords & Ladies of the Court and Peasants.