Audition Information

Students in grades 6-8 may audition for an onstage role. Cast selection is based on audition only.

Parents and students need to carefully read the information packet. If you have any questions please contact:
Sarah Keiser: or Tami Benanav:

Audition Information
All students MUST participate in a singing, dancing, and acting audition. Some students will also receive a call-back. 
The call-back list will be posted on Friday after the auditions and will indicate who we need to see on Monday. 
Not being called back does not mean the student is not cast in the production.

Thursday November 17th - starting promptly at 7:00, Mandatory Parent/Student Meeting

     ***CONTRACTS MUST BE TURNED IN BY 1:00pm on Tuesday November 22nd (they may be turned in earlier)***

Tuesday 11/22 from 2:45 - 4:30, Optional Audition Workshop 

Students spend a few hours with our staff learning how to audition, hints to help, and asking whatever questions  they have to put them at ease. 
Students will also learn a song to use at the audition in case they don't have one. 
This is both a vocal and a dance workshop so students should come dressed to move (sweats are fine).

Thursday December 1st from 2:45 - 5:45, Audition Part 1 (dance/acting)

Students will gather in the auditorium after school.
From there, students will be broken into groups to go in to a dance and an acting audition. 
Students should bring homework to complete when not in an audition station

Friday December 2nd from 2:45 - 7:00,  Audition Part 2 (vocals) 

Students will gather in the cafeteria immediately after school where they may prepare for their auditions
Students will sing 16 bars from either a song they have prepared on their own or the song that we teach at the vocal workshop.
Once a student has sung they may call home and be picked up

***After this audition, a callback list will go online for students who are needed to be seen on Monday for callbacks***

Monday 12/5 & Tues 12/6 (as needed) 2:45 - 5:45, Audition Part 3 (callbacks) 

Students who have been called back will be asked to read, sing, and/or dance. As students are done for the day they will be dismissed.

*** It is our intention to post the cast list Friday afternoon.

Audition Hints
Be fully rested for your audition. Energy is that intangible force that can elevate you to the level of a star performer. 
When you audition, take a deep breath, focus your thoughts and energy, and GO FOR IT!

Remember to be yourself, project your voice, smile, and have fun! Break a leg!! 

Vocal Audition Day
Bring a dressy casual outfit to change into for the singing part of the audition.
Remember: this is a competition, and you'll want to look your best.

Come with a prepared song. When choosing a musical piece to sing, pick one that reflects your full personality and vocal range. 
Try something you can "play" with, one that's fun for you to sing. Most importantly, choose a number you'll feel confident performing.

Lyrics to your vocal selection should be memorized. No acapella singing will be allowed. An accompanist will be provided. 
Bring one copy of your sheet music for the accompanist (and another for you if you need it). If you don't have a song ready, 
you may sing Happy Birthday and may be asked to sing a scale.

Dance/Acting Audition Day
Come dressed to move! For the movement/dancing part of the audition, you will learn a short dance routine, 
so wear something that you can be energetic in—flexible soled shoes and comfortable clothing.