Addams Family Information Packet

Information Packet

SHOW DATES: MARCH 26, 27 & 28, 2015

Coleytown Company, the drama department at Coleytown Middle School, is committed to educational theatre excellence. Theatrical experiences include performance, set construction, set painting, running crew, and production team opportunities. We believe strongly in the collaborative effort of all aspects of the theatre.


Attendance/Production Assistant

Karen Kupinse



Emily Frangipane




Jane Schutte



Costume Design

Meg Ormand



Costume Coordination

Beth Schlater

Directing Assistant

Adam Reigler



Lighting Design

Peter Petrino



Master Carpenter

Joe Fili



Parent Producer

Kerry Foley


Parent Tech Chair

Ellen Knapp

Pit Orchestra Director

Chris Coogan



Production Assistant

Garan Mullin


Production Assistant

Martel Rynderman

Production Assistant/ Tech

Joseph DiPalma



Production Assistant/Tech Contact

Sarah Keiser


Production Assistant-Stage Manager

Tommy DiSalvo



Production Design

Peter Barbieri



Program Director

Ben Frimmer


Vocal Coach

Eli Newsom



For questions, please first refer to the website (pre-casting)
& the Coleytown Company Schoology group (post-casting).

Who can answer my questions if I can’t find the answer online?
If it’s an attendance related question call or email Karen Kupinse 
If it’s a tech crew related question call or email Sarah Keiser
All other questions please call or email Kerry Foley

Performance Opportunity

All students (grades 6-8) interested in an on stage role must audition. In order to audition, each student must have his or her completed contract & audition form turned in to Mr. Frimmer’s mailbox (in the office) by 1 pm on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2014.

Audition Forms

·        Will not be accepted late for any reason

·        Must be completely filled out

·        Must include a recent photo.  Photo can be on printed on regular paper. 

·        Photos will not be returned

·        The photo must fit in the space provided on the form

·        Attach photos with CLEAR TAPE – Do not use paper clips or staples

Audition Dates and Procedures

Monday, December 8th                      Vocal Audition                    2:45 – 7:00

·        Children should report to the cafeteria immediately after school
·        While waiting to audition students should work on homework
·        Children will sing privately (one at a time) for the audition committee
·        It is highly recommended that students prepare a song from a musical
·        Students will sing 16-24 bars with the pianist
·        Those auditioning with a song must have sheet music for the accompanist
·        If you need music for yourself, bring a second copy
·        Students without music will be asked to sing Happy Birthday and a musical scale 
·        It is very difficult to fully judge a voice without a prepared song 

***Once your child is finished auditioning, they may call you to be picked up

Tuesday, December 9th                    Dance & Acting                   2:45 – 5:30

·        Children should report to the cafeteria immediately after school

·         Students will be grouped and will rotate through stations (acting, dancing, homework)

·        All students (dancers and non-dancers) will learn a dance combination

·        All students will read from the script

·        Students should come dressed to move (dance clothing or sweats)

·        Students must wear either dance shoes or sneakers

***Once your child is finished auditioning, they may call you to be picked up

***A LIST will be posted by Wednesday evening on the Coleytown Company website for those students who have a callback for Thursday

Wednesday, December 10th        OFF (8th Grade Concert)

Thursday,   December 11th           Call-backs    2:45 – 5:30

·        Students will be called back as needed for singing, dancing, and acting
·        Students with callbacks should report to the drama room immediately after school
·        Only those students we need to see again will be called back
·        Not being called back does not mean you’re not in the show

Friday, December 12th             Additional call-backs if needed        2:45- 5:00

Production Crew Opportunities

The tech crew program is for students in seventh and eighth grade only.  Students who participate in the tech program will have the opportunity to be involved in the many behind the scene aspects of producing a show.   Students may participate in some of the following areas: set construction, costumes, painting, lighting, make-up, props, and front of house.

Students interested in participating must submit a letter of interest and the tech contract by    1 pm on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4TH to Sarah Keiser’s mailbox.  The letter of interest should explain why you would like to be part of tech crew and should be one typed page.

The teacher recommendation forms should be given to teachers to complete and these are due in Ms. Keiser’s mailbox by Thursday, December 4th.

***Please note that students need to make a choice between being a part of the cast or crew.  Students not cast in the show will not be able to participate in the tech program. 

Casting and Crew Assignments

Company list will be posted on the Coleytown Company website as soon after callbacks as possible (no earlier than Friday, December 12th at 3:00pm).
There are a limited number of stage roles per production. Please talk to your child about the possibility that they won’t be cast prior to their audition. 
The production has certain needs that must be filled based on specific numbers. While we do our best to include as many children as possible, not all 
children will be cast or part of the crew.

The cast list and crew assignments are final. Please do not contact us to discuss why your child did or did not get a callback, get cast, or get assigned a specific role they feel they would have liked or deserved. There are many factors that play into casting a show including vocal range, role fit, character matching, performance ability, audition preparation, and many more. The directorial staff makes all decisions as a team and no member of that team will discuss an individual audition. The same is true for crew assignments. Crews are picked based on experience, need, and crew size.

Rehearsal Schedule

The rehearsal schedule will be posted on Schoology, generally two weeks in advance. Please check daily for updates.

Rehearsals are scheduled Monday through Friday 2:45 – 5:00 (Monday, January 5th through Friday, March 6th).   Not every child will have rehearsal every day. Once a child is done with their call for the day, they may go home. 

Starting the week of March 9th, we extend the schedule.  While it is subject to change (look online for updates), we are including our best attempt at the schedule below. Please make sure you can make all rehearsals from March 9th on, before making the commitment to be part of the production.   Please note that, in addition to the no-absence period rehearsals, all cast and crew are required to attend the March 2nd costume parade. The official schedule will be posted on Schoology for you to look at. Our best guess is listed below for your early planning needs. 


(please note ALL students will also be needed on Monday March 2nd from 2:45 - 6:15 for the costume parade/build day


Monday March 2nd    2:45 - 6:15 (this is outside of our typical no absence period however ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND)

Monday March 9, 2:45 - 6:00    
Tuesday March 10, 2:45 - 6:00 
Wednesday March 11, 2:45 - 6:00 
Thursday March 12, 2:45 - 6:00 
Friday March 13, 2:45 - 6:00 

Monday March 16, 2:45 - 6:30    
Tuesday March 17, NO REHEARSAL 
Wednesday March 18, 2:45 - 5:30 
Thursday March 12, 2:45 - 6:30 
Friday March 13, 2:45 - 6:30

Monday March 23, 2:45 - 7:15   
Tuesday March 24, 2:45 - 7:00
Wednesday March 25, 2:45 - 7:00
Thursday March 26, 7:00 CURTAIN - call times tba
Friday March 27, 7:00 CURTAIN - call times tba
Saturday March 28, 1:00 & 7:00 CURTAIN - call times tba



Children are allowed 2 absences from rehearsal prior to March 9th. No absences will be permitted from that point on. Students who have more than two absences are subject to being dismissed from the play.

All children in the production (cast and running crew) must attend all 4 performances.

The only early dismissals that will be excused are for religious classes. Students attending religion class may leave at 4:30pm once a week with prior approval. Any other early dismissals will be marked as an absence. Children who leave early may have their part pulled back in the size due to the tight rehearsal schedule. No early dismissals will be allowed after March 6th. 

Please inform the theatre staff at least two days in advance of a missed rehearsal. We ask that you do so by leaving a message on Karen Kupinse’s voicemail (341- 1695) or emailing her at  Missing a rehearsal without leaving a message ahead of time makes planning a rehearsal very difficult. 

On a day that you are out of school, you may not attend rehearsal or a performance. Please leave a message with Ms. Kupinse notifying us that you are ill on the day of your absence. These absences are considered excused and are not part of your 2 planned absences. 

***Pick up times***

All children must be picked up from rehearsal and crew calls on time. Students not picked up on time, will not be allowed to continue in the program.  IF YOU CAN’T ARRIVE EXACTLY ON TIME, ARRANGE FOR ANOTHER PARENT TO PICK YOUR CHILD UP. Parents are asked to arrive at 4:55 for a 5:00 prompt pick up. 


Coleytown Company currently works with a professional costume designer and rents costumes. The care and good handling of costume pieces is the sole responsibility of the performer. Students will be held financially responsible for lost or damaged costumes. Actors are always responsible for providing appropriate footwear and undergarments. A $40 costume fee per child will be charged to help defray the cost of costume rental and dry cleaning.

Tape Recorders or Digital Voice Recorders

All actors are required to supply their own battery-operated tape recorder or digital recorder. Phones are acceptable. This will be used to assist them in learning their music. Please make sure they are practicing the music they have learned in rehearsals at home. Students must have their recording device by the 1st vocal rehearsal (1stweek of January).

Parent Volunteers

Parent Committees

You are vital to what we do. In order for your child’s production to be a success we need your help. Parent volunteer committee descriptions can be found on the Coleytown Company link off the CMS website.  Please review these descriptions.  In the coming weeks, you will receive an e-mail with a poll asking you to identify your interests and to indicate whether you would be willing to chair one of the committees.  ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL is a costume, prop and make-up intensive show.  We urge parents with any sewing skills (basic to advanced) to please volunteer to work with the costume committee.

Performance Volunteers

In addition to the committee work, we ask that each family have a family member work during at least 1 of the 4 full performances.  Show night jobs include: Ushering, make-up, ticket sales, boutique and concession (all can watch the show the night they work) and backstage and costume monitors (cannot watch the performance the night they volunteer but have a very unique experience). Your help is appreciated, necessary, and expected in order for the production to happen.

Parents who work 15 or more hours in addition to working a performance will be allowed to purchase up to 8 tickets one day in advance.