42nd Street Character Descriptions

Dorothy Brock 

A "past-her-prime", well-known, Broadway diva. She is the female lead in Pretty Lady  because she is dating Abner Dillon who is paying for the show. 


Peggy Sawyer

A young, starry-eyed, naive, chorus girl who assumes the Lead role in  Pretty Lady when Dorothy breaks her ankle. 

***Dancing required

Julian Marsh

Famous, but notorious, Broadway director who comes off very gruff as he  barks his directions at actors and crew. 

Billy Lawlor

The youthful, leading tenor in Pretty Lady. 

***Dance experience preferred but not required. 

Maggie Jones

One of the writers for Pretty Lady. Comedic role. 

Bert Barry 

One of the writers for Pretty Lady. Comedic role. 

Pat Denning

Former vaudeville partner of Dorothy's and her secret romantic partner. 


Andy Lee

Choreographer/Dance Director of Pretty Lady. 

***Dancing required, would consider a boy or girl for this role. 


Abner Dillon

Financial backer of Pretty Lady and Dorothy's "sugar daddy" from Texas. He doesn’t realize Dorothy is only with him because of his money. 

***Texas Accent