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Find a book


This is a quick strategy that you can use when you are trying to locate a good book fast.

CCover (Does it have a neat cover?)
AAuthor (Are you familiar with the author or have you read any other books by that author?)
NNumber of pages
IIllustrations (Are there any and if so, are they in color or black and white?)
TTitle (Does it have an interesting title?)
BBlurb (What does the inside flap of the book (the blurb) tell you about the book?
EEntirety (Look at the print, size of text, color of paper, number of chapters.)
FFirst Impression (Read the first page to see if it grabs you. If you haven't got into the story after 25 pages, come back to the media center.)
OOpinions (What did other people think of this book ie. reviewers, teachers or library media specialists?)
RReading level (Is it appropriate for my reading level?)
MMy Friends (Have any of my friends read this book? If so, did they like it?)
EEnding (Have you ever read the ending first??)