Goals of the Social Justice Community:

The vision of Westphalia United Methodist Church is to build healthy Christians to build healthy communities. Our mission is reaching up to praise - Honor, down to lift- Outreach, in for change- Prayer and out to serve- Evangelism (HOPE). Established in 1968, Westphalia's beginnings were right in the heart the the Civil Rights Movement. In keeping with the vision of our church, the Social Justice Community goals are to:


1) Engage - Engage the congregation and community in civic opportunities
2) Educate - Educate the congregation and community on issues that are facing our community and nation
3) Action- Action shown by attending events/supporting the United Methodist Women's Conference goals

Outcomes- How will we do this?
1) Participate in rallies, voter registration drives, host seminars, post links and information that will inform the congregation and community.
2) Partner with other organizations; NAACP and Our Voices Matter

* The Social Justice Community will participate/host at least four events per year.

Interested in Joining:

The Social Justice Community is praying for disciples; answer your call-
Email justice@wesphaliaum.org
Looking forward for hearing from you.