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Week 7

Westie’s News

Term 2, Week 7, 2016

Talofa lava, Kia orana, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa, hello and welcome to our weekly news blog...

Message from the Principal  

What has been on top for us at school?

Manners maketh the man and woman and boy and girl!

It has been wonderful to hear such respectful children at school this week.Many thanks to senior students who have organised games and also House Captains for focusing on good manners in awards. This is something we shall continue to keep our focus on. Children who are able to slow down and remember to use politeness and respect are able to attain higher levels of success on all social levels.

Cyber bullying

There have been some interesting articles in the ODT and on the news around cyber bullying lately. It is all about accountability and also being aware of what children can access and use. The big question is do young people know how to use social media responsibly? What seems like a good idea when you are very young is extremely cringe-worthy or even damaging later on.

The seniors have been taking part in the DARE unit of work which is all about making good choices and decisions. They have been talking about bullying over the internet and what it means to be involved in cyberbullying and having directed at them. I do wonder sometimes how many of our students are on facebook, instagram and snapchat (just to pick a few social media tools) Although it is recommended that children should not use these tools/apps until they are 13. I also wonder how many parents know and talk about, check and monitor what is happening on the devices that access these tools?

Lately I have spoken to some parents who have real worries over social media. Just remember the school does not control the internet. We cannot control what children are doing at home on devices and nor should we. However, we do understand the follow on effects that can happen and therefore make sure we address this through our Health programmes.

If parents are interested in having more information on social media and keeping children safe please email me and I will arrange a speaker to help navigate these waters!

Lockdown Procedure

Many thanks to those parents who attended the meeting last night about Lockdowns at schools. We discussed why any school would need to plan, be aware and practice this procedure. We also talked about what will happen when we do and lots of what ifs.

I am aware that not all families were represented which may show trust in the school, general busyness such as sport and other commitments, or a this is something we do not wish to know about.

Therefore I will send a letter home as it important that we work in partnership so that children feel comfortable when we practice. We are trying to take the fear or worry out of the experience and it would be sad to have children not come to school when we have our practice. While I agree that we are now faced with so many more issues as parents, caregivers and schools core business is still the about the children.

I hope that you all have a super weekend with your families and well done to all of our super skippers today including teachers as well as children!

Nga mihi

Nicky Ryan

WELCOME to Weston School

Axle Dunjey.JPG Skye Mcpherson.JPG

         Axel Dunjey                        Skye McPherson


Kowhai/Kauri - Anabel King, Eli Braid

Tuatara - Van Mavor, Brilee Young

Tauhou - Ryley Stevenson, Peyton Cranston

Korora - Neave Meikle, Myles Lott

Tui - Alex McCabe, Sahara McCabe

Kea - Jesse Cope, Zoe Isbister

Kohuhu - Toby Walton, Jorja Belt

Nga kau taki - Cade Flett, Chloe Hayman

Ruma Rahi - Elisha Carter, Anthony Docherty

Excellence Awards-

Deputy Principal’s Awards: Aroha Wooldridge, Zaria Kira

Rusbatch/Ngapara Speech Competition

Congratulations to Jesse Valpy winner of the Year 7/8 Ngapara Speech Cup and to Olivia Mavor winner of the Year 5/6 Rusbatch Speech Cup held on Tuesday afternoon.  

IMG_0445.JPG IMG_0458.JPG

Lions Speech Competition

Congratulations must go to Keana Kearns who won her section in the Lions Speech Competition - Year 5 & 6 and Madisyn Rawson who came 3rd in her section - Years 7 & 8.  The adjudicator commented on the quality of the speeches and we were very proud of our all of our students who competed.  Organiser Murray Linwood felt that the future was in good hands with how NO students spoke about such quality content. The standard was very high.

It was very buzzy for Mrs Ryan to attend and be so proud them all!


Wildlife photo competition finalist

Congratulations to Lily Cadogan who was a finalist in the Otago Museum Wildlife Photo Competition, Junior Section. The seaweed photo below is on display at the Museum.  Stunning photos Lily.

KAIK KELP 40089.jpg

Lilys seal 330716 copy.jpg

What’s been happening at Weston School

The School have been preparing for Jump Rope for Heart during the term.  We had our official Jump-a-thon today.  It has been a great day- thanks for the donations which will go to the Heart Foundation.  We made a total of $225.00.  You can still donate - just drop into the school office.  

Jump Rope for Heart


IMG_0148.JPG IMG_0150.JPGIMG_0152.JPG

IMG_0154.JPG IMG_0165.JPGIMG_0162.JPG

Mud, mud glorious mud!!!!

Making mud pies!  Pictures from the mud to follow in the next newsletter!


IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0182.JPG

IMG_0184.JPG IMG_0185.JPG

IMG_0190.JPG IMG_0191.JPG

IMG_0195.JPG IMG_0197.JPG


IMG_0200.JPG IMG_0201.JPG

IMG_0207.JPG IMG_0217.JPG

LJ Hooker incentive

Exclusively list and sell your property with LJ Hooker, nominate Weston School at the time of listing and our school will receive a $200 donation and the property owner will receive a $200 voucher.  You don’t have to be part of Weston School either it could be anyone (a grandparent, friend etc…who is selling/buying).  To get the ball rolling LJ Hooker have made a one off donation of $150 to us just for being part of the incentive.



Sausage Sizzle

We sold a record 198 sausages today!!!  Thanks so much for supporting Home and School in this way.  We would like to thank Twyla and Callum Kingan for donating sausages to the school - it is greatly appreciated.

Important message - Measles update

Please see link below for details.  A hard copy of this information is also available from the School Office.


We were wondering if anyone has a 3 wheeled scooter in good working order that they would be happy to donate to the school.  

Weston School Girls Cricket Team Fund-raiser

The Weston School Girls Cricket Team is offering Food wrap, Roll-foil, Baking paper and Food bowls as a fund-raiser.

Please order form below and picture of the food bowl (also available for viewing at the School Office).

Food wrap, baking paper, foil fund-raiser.jpg

Should you like to make an order please drop in a named envelope with payment to the Weston School Office by Wednesday the 22nd of June.  

Payment options:-

If paying by cheque please make payable to Weston School.  You may also pay by direct credit to the Weston School Account with reference- Cricket fundraiser and your surname.  

Your support would be greatly appreciated!


High School Open Day

Waitaki Boys High School Enrolment Evening - 28 June, 7pm.

Assembly -

The next Assembly will be held on Friday the 24th of June, 1:40pm in the Weston Hall.

ICAS Exams -

The next ICAS exam is English which is to be held on Tuesday the 2nd of August.

Students taking this exam must take it on this specified day.

Uniform Shop - The Uniform Shop will be open again on Wednesday the 29th of June from 2:30pm-3:30pm.

Horse Manure for Sale - Horse Manure for sale - fundraising for the Weston School Year 7 and 8 Camp.  $4.00 per sack.  Call Donna - 027 630 5111 or Sonya - 021 117 8486.

Lost - ‘Frozen’ lunchbox named Lexi Elvidge.  Please return to the School Office if found.

Community Information

See details on our school noticeboard, click on the links below or visit our School Website on our Home Page under Community for details on events below.  Hard copies are also available from the School Office.

Aromatherapy Workshop

Desperately seeking a caravan

My family is coming over next week for my sons wedding, and I am in desperate need for a nice newish tidy CLEAN caravan to rent and park up behind my house for my sister, brother-in-law (70 yr old) and my nephew to sleep in.  It will only be used for sleeping in – no cooking, no showering, no use of fridge.  I am needing it from 21 June (next week) to the 7 July.  I am prepared to pay to rent it. Please can someone help me? Sandy Mattisson 0274294662

Barnardos Kidstart Childcare - Home-Based Education and Care service, also how to work from home as an Educator.  Susan Stowell - Barnardos Kidstart.  Ph: 0274962021

Fitness 24 Kids Fit Programme

Mandarin Classes at St Kevin’s College for children and adults

OSCAR @ Fenwick 2016 -

Oamaru Mail Paper Run

Oamaru Farmers Market Community Stalls

Waitaki Newcomers Network

Weston Indoor Bowling Club - Meet Wednesday nights 7:30pm, Weston Hall.  New members most welcome, phone 434 8281.

Weston Kids Club Term 2, 2016

Weston Church Fair