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Week 7

Westie’s News

Term 3, Week 7, 2015

Talofa lava, Kia orana, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa, hello and welcome to our fortnightly news blog…

Message from the Principal

Teacher Only Day

As the children were enjoying an extra long weekend, teachers were hard at work on administration and learning about the increasing expectations from the Ministry of Education towards teacher appraisal. We also worked on our portfolios of evidence to show that we meet those expectations. This was followed up with a seminar at St Joseph’s school last Wednesday after school where Weston Teachers and other teachers from North Otago listened to Brian Annan and Mary Wootton speak. We learned about future innovations to education that are needed to ensure students are interactive learners, communicating and learning together as they prepare for the collaborative, ever-changing workplaces of the future. Weston is already well on the path towards these innovations and many of you will have noticed the changes since your own schooldays. Science has been the ideal context to use many of the interactive learning ideas in class.


You are in for a real treat in Week 10! The dancing, singing and acting I see as classes prepare for ‘The Production’ are pretty awesome. What a fantastic way to cover the Arts section of the curriculum. It’s lovely to see the students shine as their talents are showcased. Make sure you keep the evenings of September 23rd and 24th free.

Calendar Art

You will find artworks in your children’s bags on Monday which can be made into diaries, sketchbooks, cards or iPhone covers. These have been completed a little earlier than usual to ensure those planning to order Christmas gifts can get them posted overseas on time. Full information and order forms are with the artwork.

Riparian Planting

Thanks to Stefan and Teressa Mavor for allowing the school to be involved in riparian planting on their property. Landowners are planting the tributaries to the Devil’s Bridge wetlands to maintain or improve water quality. On the 21st August the Year 5-8 students went to Mavors’ and planted several native plant species along the creek. Next week a small group of students will get to visit the area again along with people from the Department of Conservation and the University of Otago. Water sampling will be carried out, as well as core sampling of the actual wetlands to investigate what the silt deposits can tell them about the past. It’s lovely to have learning happening within a real-life situation and about issues that are important within our wider community. This will be a long-term project and we will be monitoring the water quality into the future, with input from the Otago Regional Council too.

Showcasing Weston School

Science Symposium - Jenny has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the Otago Primary Science Symposium, sharing the exciting science ideas that are happening at Weston School with other teachers today. This is a reflection of the wonderful work Jenny and Gary have done since returning from their Science Fellowships.

Burns Memorial Art - once again Weston students’ art is being displayed at Forrester Art gallery. Exhibiting work in a real art gallery is a terrific experience for primary aged children. This is always an interesting display of artwork and viewing is recommended.

"Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work"  C.S. Lewis.

Carolyn Thelning

Senior Teacher



Josiah Murray


Kowhai -  Ollivia Olliver, Charlee MacLean, Ryan Bhagat,  Milly Paterson

Kakapo - Indi Kearns, Myah Templeton

Tuatara -   Levi George, Harry Monahan

Kororaa - Max Kane, Chelsey Monahan

Tui - Amir Palita, Riley White

Kea - Lexie McDonald, Jeremy Paisley

Kohuhu - Melissa Rawson, Jesse Cope

Ngahere - Luke James, Levi Todd

Awa Iti -  Emily McCoy, Brooke Meek

Senior Teacher Awards-

Excellence Award - Angus Loe

Science Award - Charlee MacLean, Grace Webster

Happiness Award - Sylvia Lott


Daffodil Day

Thanks to all of those who donated money for Daffodil Day.  I think we can all say we know someone who has been touched by Cancer so it is a great cause.  If you didn’t get around to sending your money in you still can!  We raised a total of $255.00.









North Otago Cross Country

20150824_155504_resized (1).jpg

Year 4 girls

Bailie Lynch                                  Brooke Taylor                                 Blake White

20150824_161954_resized (2).jpg 20150824_161951_resized (1).jpg 20150824_162237(1)_resized (1).jpg

   Results - Top 10

Yr 4 Girls, Emily Mavor 4th, Evie Wilson 6th      

Yr 4 Boys, Blake White 4th, Angus Loe 7th

Yr 5 Girls, Olivia Mavor 2nd      

Yr 5 Boys, Bryce Lott 1st, Jesse Cope 2nd

Yr 6 Girls, Alexis Cuaresma 5th, Paige Black 9th      

Yr 6 Boys, Liam Mavor 7th, William Loe 9th

Year 7 Girls, River Cunningham 2nd, Molly Loe 7th       

Year 7 Boys, Cade Flett 10th

Well done to the other children who also competed - it was awesome that you represented Weston School.  

Billy McCabe, Bailie Lynch, Samuel Petrie, Katelyn Walton,

Holly Harvey, Dean Allan, Kazsandra Cuaresma and Bailey Collins.

Riparian Planting

Ngahere and Awa Iti





Kohuhu and Kea









Uh oh - who got stuck in the mud????  Gee you look busy Stefan!!!!

Otago Primary Schools Netball Tournament

Some students from Weston participated in the Otago Primary Netball Tournament.  Our theme Country was Tonga as part of the Netball World Cup Celebrations.   


Year 8 Girls - They certainly did us proud with some fantastic wins.  Out of 30 teams we came in 12th, an impressive result.  The tournament wasn't all about netball and as the photo shows we had some fun adopting the Tongan theme we were given.


Year 7 Girls - The Year 7 girls finished in 3rd place after playing St Joseph’s in a very exciting final.  They had 19 teams in their pool.  They now go to an Otago Southland Tournament to be held in Balclutha this weekend - good luck girls!

image001 (5).jpg

Year 6 Girls - The Year six girls had 30 teams in their pool.  The girls faced a number of mixed teams which is always a challenge!  They showed great comradery and played hard and well to the end!  They were placed 16th out of the 30.  A great effort.  


Year 5 Girls - The Year 5 section had a great day.  They won their first 5 games including their semi final.  Unfortunately they couldn't sustain this and went down to and taller/bigger and mixed St Joseph's Oamaru team in the final 5-12.  A great effort by the team though finishing in 2nd place.  This teams also goes to the Otago and Southland meet in Balclutha this weekend.  Good luck girls!

Thanks must go to the coaches and parents who provided transport and assistance for this tournament.  Also to Leigh Petrie for organising the teams and for coaching the Year 6 team as well as her own.

Football tournament winners

soccer nija tigers (1).jpg

Photos below are from a 3 x 3 Football tournament played at the Forsyth Barr Stadium.  

Weston students Jack White, Kouper Lynch and Cameron Notman were part of a team that won their 7th grade competition playing 9 games.


Otago Cross Country -

- Friday 4 September

Postponement date - Friday 11 September

Details have been sent home with participating students.  Good luck to our competitors!

Calendar Art

Calendar Art will be coming home with students on Monday the 7th of September.  Keep a look out in your child/ren’s bag for this.  Included in the pack is a sample of the Artworks and details of what can be ordered with the pricing for each item.  The preferred method of payment is DIRECT CREDIT into our bank account.  Our school bank account number is - 030937 0125611 00.

Please put in as a reference - Calendar Art and your child/ren’s name, thank you.



Subway - Half of sales back to school day -

Wednesday 16 September

Support Subway by making an order at School on Wednesday the 16th of September and Subway will return half of the days sales from our school orders to school.

Vision and Hearing Screening

The Vision and Hearing Technician is visiting on Thursday the 17th of September at 9:00am to carry out vision and hearing screening for some students.

Weston School Production - 23rd / 24th September

Everyone in the school is involved and all children will be on stage. It will be an evening of dancing, singing, fun, laughter and awwwww moments! We will be performing at WBHS in their auditorium. More details of our plot to come as the term unfolds!

Burns Memorial Art Exhibition 2014

The Burns Memorial children’s art exhibition is one of the most colourful and popular exhibitions held each year at the Forrester Art Gallery in Oamaru.

This year the Burns Memorial runs from Saturday 12 September until Sunday 11 October and we encourage you to take your children along, as many Weston pupils will be exhibiting their artwork.

Congratulations to the following students who will have work on display:

Kouper Lynch, Seamus Hickey, Tyler Hughes, Billy McCabe, Blake White, Sam Isbister, Harry Brosnan, Tane Moffat, Quesha Sage, Ryan Bhagat, Ruby Fox, Chelsea Anderson,  Sophie Braid, Cash Paterson, Charles Young, Louis Belt, Ella Cooper, Jayden Tipa, Jakob Rohrbach, Milly Paterson, Breanna Kingan,  Sophie Rohrbach, Isacc Winders, Melissa Carki, Flynn Meikle, Poppy Golding, Luke  Hayman, Joshua Gilchrist, Joshua Bryant, Kazsandra Cuaresma, Bailey Collins, Sophie Brown, Rachel Hayward, Lloyd Fellows, Shonte Gard’ner, Flynn Hayes, Flynn Meikle, Max Kane, Keana Kearns, Myles Lott, Baillie Lynch, Taliyah Mathewson, Emily Mavor, Neave Meikle, Chelsey Monahan, Skyla Rawson, Harison Staples, Jonty Watson, Evie Wilson, Chloe Hayman, Emma Fox, Aaron Devon, Harry Wilson, Chloe Wilson, Mason Kingan, Levi George, Sahara McCabe, Maddison Mavor, Brodie Holywell, Zoe Denize, Lucy Mavor, Cameron Notman, Rory Bailey, Samuel Tipa, Jade Fitzgerald.


Uniform Shop - The Uniform Shop will be open again on Wednesday the 16th of September from 2:30-3:30pm.  It will be open every second Wednesday during term time.

Muddy clothes - Please put an extra clothing in your child/ren’s bag as we are finding a lot of students are slipping over in the muddy conditions at the moment!

Food Help - Thanks so much to the lovely families that have gone out of their way to make food for families that need it due to illness.  It really has been greatly received.        

Rubbish - There has been lots of wrappers in the playground recently. Please think about reducing wrappers in lunches, if possible.


Public Health Nurse - Christine Mabon

Information regarding the pertussis outbreak

Whooping Cough letter to Community from PHN Aug 2015.jpg

For more information please contact your public health nurse:

Your Public Health Nurse is: Christine Mabon, 4331162 or 027 2238468

Community Information

See details on our school noticeboard, click on the links below or visit our School Website on our Home Page under Community for details on events below.  Hard copies are at the School Office.

10/10/10 Lions Event - Sponsored walk, Saturday 10 October

Community Garden Fundraiser - Friday 4 September

Couch to Rainbow Learn to Run Programme

Farmers Market Spud Growing Competition

Kids Club Dates Term 3 2015

Oamaru Repertory Theatre Alice the Panto Auditions -  Young performers from age 9 will be very welcome.  Contact Judith on 4342213 for more information.

The Addams Family Musical Theatre - Sunday September 13.

Waitaki Boys High School Amazing Race Poster

Race Info

Entry Form

Weston Church Kids Club Garden Club

Waitaki Newcomers Network