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Week 5

Westie’s News

Term 2, Week 5, 2015

Talofa lava, Kia orana, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa, hello and welcome to our fortnightly news blog…

Message from the Principal

Reports and Parent Interviews

Our mid-year reports and interviews are due by the end of this term. reports will go out to parents in week 9 and interviews will take place in week 10. Interviews are over two afternoon and nights and we love to see as many parents as possible. We will send out all information for interviews with reports.

The pressures of being a responsible parent!

How safe are your children on the internet?

Just a few quick questions to prompt some thinking. How are you protecting your children on the internet? Do you have any filters or programmes that stop unwanted material? Is your computer passworded and do you have time limits for screen time? Do you know what they are looking at? do you check history every so often?

It doesn’t hurt us to ask these questions and think about our children's’ wellbeing in all areas.

Great to see our advertisement in the ODT this week. Because yes Science is alive and well this term at Weston school. It is lovely to have Dr Dave and Esther Haines supporting us and let us take part in exciting experiments. There are some great pictures later on in the newsletter.


Sharing Acts of Kindness

I am putting this into our newsletter for the second time in case you would like to respond!

Schools focus on they should. But let’s mess it up a bit.

This one is for us grown-ups. It is about caring about each other. It is about celebrating each other. As parents we know how hard it is to work (at home or in the workforce), get the house chores done, manage bags, find shoes, children, dinners, after school sport and activities, make it to school functions and even be scared you will be asked to do something else to add to your ever growing list of jobs.

I would love to give a parent a month a Principal’s Award. An award that is a little something special that says thanks for working so hard with your child or thanks for all the extra’s you do that help your children or we have noticed that you have heaps on your plate and would benefit from time out!

This award would have a value attached to it like it might be some petrol vouchers, a bottle of wine, a massage voucher, a hair-cut, a homemade dinner, a babysitting voucher or a WOF. But I need your help so I don’t misappropriate school funds for your children’s learning.

Please can anyone who would like to donate a service (just for parents) contact Nic in the  office and let her know. This will be published every second newsletter.

It is about caring for each other as parents.  I hope you will join me in this venture and support it by donating a small something you could give and it just might be your time. Put the word out.

Well done to our Year 8 students who presented their thinking to a selection of teachers in our region regarding learning. Here is some of the slides they created about what they believe the student, teacher’s and family role is in the learning process:

Year 8 presentaion 2.JPG

Year 8 presentation 3.JPG

Year 8 presentation 1.JPG

Nga mihi

Nicky Ryan


Kowhai - Jake O’Sullivan-McCabe, Taylah McGregor

Kakapo - Emma Carki, Harry Brosnan

Tuatara -  Charles Young, Sahara McCabe

Kororaa - Bailey Clack, Neave Meikle

Tui -  Jacob Yeates, Adeline Bailey

Kea - Timmy Sargeant, Emma Spittle

Kohuhu - Nic Wardell, Ebony Heta

Ngahere - Bailee Waby, Rico Gill

Awa Iti - Emily McCoy, Safiya Hunter

Principal’s Awards-

Principal’s Award - Riley Welsh, William Loe

Science Award - Micayla Fox, Dipak Atwal

Congratulations to all of the children who participated in the Oamaru Performing Arts in the weekend!

photo kids black belt.JPG

Kayleigh and Rico get their Black Belts

On the 10th May Kayleigh and Rico were invited to grade for their black belts.  The grading took approx 1 1/2 hours which involved patterns, sparring and power testing with wooden boards.  They both passed the grading and were awarded the 1st Dan Grade in Taekwondo – Black Belt.


Year 7 and 8 students at Tech - OIS

Year 8 Tech

On week four of term two the Year 7 and 8’s went to Oamaru Intermediate School for technology lessons in their specialised classrooms.  On the first day we were in the same tech room because two other schools were not able to attend lessons. We learned about visual art with Mrs Genet and created 3D portraits with paper and card. The main technique we learned about was layered textures. On Thursday all the Year 8’s got together and enjoyed making (and eating) macaroni and cheese.  Overall the year 8’s had a lot of fun and we can’t wait until next term to work with electronics and hard materials.

By Safiya Hunter and Josh Gilchrist.

Year 7 Tech

On week four of term two the Year 7 and 8’s went to O.I.S. for tech for four days.

The Year 7’s were split into two groups called W1 and W2. The W1 group started with Mr Savage making electronic circuit boards while the W2 group worked with Whaea Jamaya to learn about hard materials.  On the first two days W1 made LED circuit boards from our own design and the W2 group created a Mickey Mouse head shape out of wood or a book with a wooden cover. We learned how to use a scroll saw, the hot poker to burn our design onto the wood and we had to wear safety glasses. Then the groups swapped around for the last two days.  The Year 7’s can’t wait to go back next term to create cool artwork and to make something out of fabric.

By Elisha Carter and Alice Petire.

 Tech 1.jpg Tech 2.jpg Tech 3.jpg

Tech 4.jpg

Tech 5.jpg Tech.jpg

Science with Dr Dave

IMG_3753.JPG IMG_3754.JPG

IMG_3756.JPG IMG_3761.JPG


IMG_3758.JPG IMG_3759.JPG


Book fair.jpg

Scholastic Book Fair

Tuesday 26th May - Friday 29 May

Classes will be taken to view the books available in the Learning Centre on Tuesday.

Parents and caregivers are invited to come to the Fair at the following times:

Wednesday to Friday - 8:45am-9:15am and 2:45pm-3:15pm.


Assembly - Our next Assembly will be held on Friday 29 May 1:40pm.


Queens Birthday Weekend - School Closed Monday 1st June

ICAS - Science Exam - Wednesday 3 June

Please note that if your child has opted to take this exam it must be taken on this day.


Music Festival Tickets

Karen Ruddenklau recently attended a Music Festival meeting and the tickets are still being sorted.  They will take another one to two weeks to be sorted.  We will advise as soon as they arrive.  Thank you.

Entertainment Book

Any LAST orders for the Entertainment Book should be made to the School Office by Monday the 25th of May.


Starship Mobile Phones
School Campaign
The Weston School Community supports the Starship Mobile Phones School Campaign. To support this we collect as many old cell phones that we can and send them up to Starship. This not only helps Starship but we also gain points for our school which accumulate to rewards. 
We currently have 127 points. We can get a defibrillator with our points if we collect enough phones.  We need 900 points. If we can do a big push on this we can get a defibrillator for our school - how great would that be!

Subway - money back to School lunch order day

We received $69.50 from Subway last week when they offered half of our School lunch order money back.  Thanks Subway!

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open again on Wednesday the 3rd of June from 2:30-3:30pm.  It will be open every second Wednesday during term time.

Waitaki Boys High School.jpg

Waitaki Boys High School Open Evening

Waitaki Boy’s High School, Hall of Memories

Tuesday 2nd June, 7:00pm.

Everyone welcome

Waitaki Girls’ High School Open Day/Evening

Year 8 girls and their parents/caregivers are invited to attend the Waitaki Girls’ High School Open Day/Evening on Thursday 4th June 2015.

Tours of the school leave from the Hall at 11am and 7pm.  The Day Tour also involves an opportunity to visit the Hostel and see its facilities.  Classes will be in action during the day and the Learning Areas will have ‘hands on’ activities demonstrated by current students in the evening session.

Both tours begin with a greeting from the Principal and students.  Tours end back in the Hall with refreshments available and there will be an opportunity to ask questions of senior staff and students.

Completed Enrolment Forms can be left with us on the 4th of June or can be posted or dropped off to our office by June 30th.

You are welcome to contact our Principal, Tracy Walker, if you need any information.

School website:      School Telephone: 03 434 8429        


Public Health Nurse - Christine Mabon

Managing Your Child’s Cold Symptoms

Resting at home and drinking plenty of fluid is the best way for your child to get well when they are sick with a bad cold or cough.

Often the illness is caused by viruses, so antibiotics won’t help, and many of the expensive cold and flu products have been shown to have little effect on the duration and severity of the illness.

Some throat lozenges contain a local anaesthetic which will numb a sore throat for a while, but the same effect may be had from a warm drink.

Give your child paracetamol as per GP instructions if required, and take your child to the GP if the symptoms get worse (such as a high fever).

If you are unsure, call your Doctor or Healthline for free health advice 0800 611 116

Please inform your School if your child is going to be kept home due to illness.

The Ministry of Health infectious diseases A4 poster is a good guide for common childhood illness  these are also available from your Public Health Nurse

Christine Mabon, 4331162 or 027 2238468

Snippet August 2014 Schools.jpg

Home and School




Community Information

See details on our school noticeboard, click on the links below or visit our School Website on our Home Page under Community for details on events below.  Hard copies are also available from the School Office.

FIFA - U20 World Cup 2015 - 31st May Games, Free buses and tickets are $10 for a student $20 for Adult – Category B. Tickets are on sale at i-site.  

We hope that students and parents will take the opportunity of the free buses and discounted tickets and venture to one of these matches.  The event itself will be exciting and full of colour and cheer.

Elwing Adventure - Holiday Adventure and Education with Elwing Discoveries -

5-9 October, Years 6-8

Fire and Steam 2015

FIFA Under 20 Football Waitaki Exclusive Deal

Seating Map

Papakaio Fund-raising Disco - Friday 22 May - 6:30-8:30pm at the Papakaio Hall. $2 to get in and lollies,chips and soft drinks will be on sale.

Recycled Relics - Sculptures of Chris Meder Steampunk HQ 29 May - 31 Aug

Tru Test Highlanders Ticket Shout - Highlanders Chiefs Game May 30

Waitaki Newcomers Network Information

Weston Church Kids Club dates - Term 2, 2015

Weston Church Kids Club Garden Club