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Week 3

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Term 2, Week 3, 2015

Talofa lava, Kia orana, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa, hello and welcome to our fortnightly news blog…

Message from the Principal

This week let’s talk about learning and let’s talk about caring about each other!

Student Achievement

This week we have had a board meeting giving the leadership team time to share our student data for the beginning of the year with board members.

It seems that schools are now giving over a lot of time to explaining how kids are achieving academically.

So why is it important that you know?

Sometimes it seems like we are parents waiting for milestones to be reached as we get behind your children coaxing, helping and making sure we are involved in deliberate actions  that raise your children up onto our shoulders so that they can reach for the stars.

The truth is we know that we have to work really hard to get your children ready.

Our work with High Schools has shown us that we need to get your children reading and writing and mathematically competent so that they can work towards exams. For those of you that have young children that seems a long way off but for those of you with Year 7 & 8’s you know that Primary has just flashed passed in a twinkling of an eye.

Our teachers need to talk learning and use open and frank discussions to tell you how children are learning. It any child is in danger of not reaching their potential then the leadership team know about it. We put action plans in place for your child to lift them higher including supportive programmes and teachers use what is called deliberate acts of teaching.

Your children are encouraged to have a voice so that they can describe learning and from Mrs Brown’s class onward they are are taught how to be proactive in their learning. As our children get older they are supported to tell teachers if they ‘don’t get it’ to ask lots of questions and work with their peers (classmates) so that they can keep moving forward. Kids can be great teachers just as parents can.

The Term One Data Collection tells us that:

87% of children are at or above in reading

84% of children are at or above in writing

86% of children are at or above in mathematics

2015 Annual Targets to Improve Learning Outcomes

We also have two targets as per our Annual Plan contained within our Charter (which is available in the office for anyone to come and look at over a coffee in the Whānau Room). As all learning is important we like to focus on different groups of children ones who are in danger of not achieving the standard and we also pay attention to those children who need to reach even higher.

By the way if you think your child might not be in a doesn’t mean they aren’t catered for. Teachers know every child in their class in regards to learning and Mrs Carki and myself have to know every child. To be honest a lot of our teachers have input to learning conversations about children’s learning as they could have been a teacher before. It is about caring enough to make a difference!

Improvement Plan One:

All Māori students who were achieving below the National Standard for Mathematics, Reading and Writing will be achieving at the standard by the end of 2015.

Improvement Plan Two:

Students in Years 7 & 8 (including Māori and Pasifika) who are achieving as a well performing at for the National Standard in Writing will be achieving above the standard by the end of the year.

Reports and Parent Interviews

These will be scheduled for the end of this term with more information to come in our next newsletter.

Sharing Acts of Kindness

Schools focus on they should. But let’s mess it up a bit.

This one is for us grown-ups. It is about caring about each other. It is about celebrating each other. As parents we know how hard it is to work (at home or in the workforce), get the house chores done, manage bags, find shoes, children, dinners, after school sport and activities, make it to school functions and even be scared you will be asked to do something else to add to your ever growing list of jobs.

I would love to give a parent a month a Principal’s Award. An award that is a little something special that says thanks for working so hard with your child or thanks for all the extra’s you do that help your children or we have noticed that you have heaps on your plate and would benefit from time out!

This award would have a value attached to it like it might be some petrol vouchers, a bottle of wine, a massage voucher, a hair-cut, a homemade dinner, a babysitting voucher or a WOF. But I need your help so I don’t misappropriate school funds for your children’s learning.

Please can anyone who would like to donate a service (just for parents) contact Nic in the  office and let her know. This will be published every second newsletter. It is about caring for each other as parents.  I hope you will join me in this venture and support it by donating a small something you could give and it just might be your time. Put the word out.

I was talking to the men doing the footpaths around Weston and that should start soon over the road from the school. We will all be reminded to walk around the footpaths and not on them until completed. Work will stop between 2.45 and 3.30 pm to help with pick ups and congestion and of course safety.

Some of our Year 8’s are presenting to schools in our Learning and Change Network on 18th May. Which will include over a 100 teachers! They are so awesome and so brave! All of the Year 8’s contributed to the powerpoint. It is all about how we learn at Primary School, what kids think makes a good teacher and what experiences help us to learn.

Nga mihi

Nicky Ryan

School is about all sorts of experiences this picture shows Mathew talking to Buck and Ruby there was much patting and loving. Don’t worry this was supervised by four adults and the joy Mathew experienced was priceless...worth Mr Ryan walking out from town to share this with him!



IMG_3732.JPG IMG_3737.JPG  IMG_3734.JPG  IMG_3736.JPG

Jake O’Sullivan-McCabe    Milly Paterson         Toby Peters                   Kit Lea        

 IMG_3739.JPG   IMG_3742.JPG  IMG_3745.JPG IMG_3746.JPG

Taylah McGregor    Nirvana Ruddle          Ollivia Olliver         Aroha Wooldridge


Year 8 Conference

On Thursday the 30th of April the Year 8’s from the Waitaki Rural Schools travelled to Camp Iona, Herbert.  When we arrived we gathered in the Hall and discussed what we were doing over the following two days.  We listened to lots of different speakers such as Gary Kircher, Andy Pickles, Suzy Bates and Tony Dudley.

Our favourite parts were the singing with Mr Bokser from Ardgowan School and the games lead by various teachers.  The main values we learnt were to use integrity, initiative and respect.  Overall all the year 8’s had a great time and are looking forward to more year 8 activities throughout the year.

By Bailey Collins and Safiya Hunter


IMG_3081.JPG IMG_3083.JPG


Happy Mothers Day

Kowhai students have been preparing for Mothers Day by making cards with I love you because….

Aren’t they just gorgeous!!!!!

Photo courtesy of the Oamaru Mail

Mums big day.jpg

Official Ball deliverer

11118180_10155458021795142_405720085_n (1).jpg

Bailie Lynch -  at the Steel game held last Saturday.


Technology at OIS for Year 7 and 8’s

Monday 11th - Thursday 14th May.

Long hair should be tied up and students should wear closed toe footwear.

Students should take visual diaries to take with them.  

Assembly - Our next Assembly will be held on

Friday the 15th of May at 1:40pm.

New Zealand Playhouse Production for Year 0-6

'Jack Flash and the Jumping Beanstalk'

Wednesday 13 May 11:10am

ICAS - Digital Technology Exam

Tuesday 19 May

Please note that if your child has opted to take this exam it must be taken on this day.


Chocolate Money

Could we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have money for our chocolate fundraiser returned as soon as possible. 15 BOXES OUTSTANDING.

We have approximately 12 boxes left so if there are any families that would like to sell another box it would be greatly appreciated.  Just pop into the office to collect.

Starship Mobile Phones

School Campaign


The Weston School Community supports the Starship Mobile Phones School Campaign.  To

support this we collect as many old cell phones that we can and send them up to Starship.  This not

only helps Starship but we also gain points for our school which accumulate to rewards. 


We currently have 127 points.  We can get a defibrillator with our points if we collect enough

phones.  We need 900 points.  If we can do a big push on this we can get a defibrillator for our

school - how great would that be!   

Subway - money back to School lunch order day

Subway are offering half of our School lunch order money back for all Subway School lunch orders taken next Wednesday the 13th of May.  Thanks Subway!

Entertainment Book

Any orders for the Entertainment Book should be made to the School Office by next Friday the 15th of May.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open again on Wednesday the 20th of May from 2:30-3:30pm.  It will be open every second Wednesday during term time.


Public Health Nurse - Christine Mabon

When to Keep Your Child at Home

When your child:

  • Has signs of being unwell i.e. grizzly, unsettled, listless or tired

  • Has a high temperature or appears very hot

  • Is complaining of, or appears to have a sore tummy, throat or ears

  • Has a continuous cough

  • Should be at home if has had diarrhoea and vomiting within the last 48 hours

  • Has weeping, red eyes and/or a yellow discharge around the eyes

  • Has broken skin sores.

  • Has become ill with a communicable disease e.g. measles, chickenpox

If you are unsure, call your Doctor or Healthline for free health advice: 0800 611 116

Please inform your school if your child is going to be kept home due to illness.

The Ministry of Health “Infectious Diseases” A4 poster is a good guide for common childhood illness .  These are also available from your Public Health Nurse.

Christine Mabon, 4331162 or 027 2238468

Home and School







Community Information

See details on our school noticeboard, click on the links below or visit our School Website on our Home Page under Community for details on events below.  Hard copies are also available from the School Office.

2015 Free Dental Day - Saturday 16 May

Childrens Afterschool Art

Hot Shots Winter Tennis Classes, Fridays.  Cost $50 for term.  Ages 4yrs – 11yrs

Book Online at

Or Text Steve on 0272849578

FIFA Under 20 Football Waitaki Exclusive Deal

Seating Map

Timaru Careers Expo 2015

Venue Regulations

Learn to Run Programme

Meadowbank Football Player Hunt - Midget aged players - Its not too late to register!

Oamaru Library helping young children read with dogs programme

Waitaki Newcomers Network Information

Weston Church Kids Club dates - Term 2, 2015

Weston Church Kids Club Garden Club