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Week 9

Westie’s News

Term 1, Week 9, 2015

Talofa lava, Kia orana, Taloha ni, Ni sa bula vinaka, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Tena koutou, Tena koutou, Tena koutou katoa, hello and welcome to our fortnightly news blog…

Message from the Principal

April Fools

In the spirit of laughing and keeping us all happy at the end of such a busy term (the shorter the term the harder it is to fit in everything, just check out all the activities in the past couple of weeks) we had such fun with April Fool’s Day. Firstly Mr Oliver arrived at school to find his classroom upside down and back to front. Who could have done this? Never underestimate the strength of a woman Mr Oliver and you got him good Ms McNabb!


We also took all our students outside to view the NASA balloon travelling around the Earth (it is actually in South America at the moment) but we convinced everyone (some suspicious seniors excluded) to join us in a countdown as it came into view 10, 9, 8.......3, 2, 1 April Fools all the teachers yelled. A great laugh which was enjoyed by most of the children except maybe the little ones who couldn’t understand where the balloon was. If you would like to show them:


Where is the balloon?????????

Travelling Safely to School

There are quite a few of our students who are biking to school at the moment. If your child rides a bike today they were given our school guidelines and expectations please check their school bag if you don’t already have it when reading this email. As the NZ Police do not recommend or endorse children under 10 biking unsupervised we need to know that our younger children are supervised by adults and we will provide a vest or bag cover to make sure tamariki can be seen. It seems there are many younger children biking at the moment and we are worried about safety on our roads.

Please find link below for our Road Safety and Transport Procedure

Easter Fun Afternoon

Thanks so much to Home and School for your fun activities you organised for us and our delicious Easter egg. The children loved the egg and spoon race, were rather hilarious to watch in the three legged races and didn’t quite come to grips with the ‘all in together boys’ approach to sack racing but they were certainly problem solvers!IMG_3546.JPG

IMG_3552.JPG IMG_3553.JPG

IMG_3577.JPG IMG_3590.JPG

Bible in Schools

A survey was sent home asking if you wished to have your children involved in the BIS programme to inform the school and  the Board of Trustees in our planning.  Bible will still be offered in terms two and three for interested families.  The results will be collated over the holidays and we can share this with you next term.

Combined MOE and NZEI Visit

Teachers at Weston welcomed NZEI (NZ Educational Institute) and the MInistry of Education who are visiting schools around the country looking at good practice.  They are came to hear about our developing  Science programmes, how we collaborate as teachers to benefit student learning and how we have developed an inclusive language of learning with our children so that they have agency in their learning and mindsets.

Next term we are straight into learning with the Life Education Trust joining us for the first week and we hope we can share the programme in a parents session. We also are having an ANZAC special assembly at the Weston Church on Thursday 23rd April, You are most welcome and it would be lovely to have Grandparents extended this welcome as well.

Have a happy and enjoyable holiday with your family and whanau.

Nga mihi

Nicky Ryan


Weston School Winners of Wacky Wheels

Earlier this term Weston took part in Walk and Wheel week, with the aim of children being more physically active. Because of the fantastic results, the Tui and Kea class managed to win a bag of sports balls kindly donated by Oamaru Sports, and next term both classes will be visited by the Oamaru Ordinary Bicycle Group where we will put our skills of riding pennyfarthings to the test!  


Devils Bridge Wetlands Visit - Tuatara, Korora and Tui Rooms

Thank you to all our helpers who transported us to the Devils Bridge Wetlands last week, and helped us with our field trip.  A special thank you to Dave and Bec Lott from Ritchies for the Bus to help transport the children.  We had a fantastic morning of Science, investigating the world around us at the wetlands.  We learnt about the importance of the trees, birds and pond creatures from Barry Wilson and carried out our own pond studies in small groups finding water boatman, mayfly nymphs, stoneflies and frogs.


IMAG0305.jpg IMAG0317.jpg



Year 8 Day Papakaio

On Friday the 20th of March, the students in Year 8 attended a day full of activities at Papakaio School.  This is the first time that Weston has had the opportunity to attend this day.  We were joined by students from Papakaio (hosting school), Duntroon, Glenavy, Five Forks, Totara, Ardgowan and Maheno.  We participated in different rotations throughout the day, such as rugby, Pictionary, squash, drums, cricket and hockey with a focus on team building and cooperation.  

The purpose of the day was to meet and make new friends in order to make High School less frightening and more enjoyable when we head off there next year.  All of the Year 8’s had a really fun time and look forward to more days like this.           

Kazsandra Cuaresma and Bailey Collins.

IMG_3446.JPG IMG_3529.JPGIMG_3465.JPG IMG_3517.JPGIMG_3520.JPG

Otago Primary School Swimming Sports

This year Weston School was well represented by 18 swimmers with a total of 38 individual entries and four relays. This event is very popular with 368 racers from 66 schools throughout Otago.

It was a new experience for many with the morning preliminary races taking place in the 25 m pool in mixed aged and gender races. As these races were based on entry times, 9 year olds could be in the same heat as 12 year olds and as a result, all swimmers worked hard and performed very well in their heats. It was wonderful watching and listening to the Weston cheer team in action. All competitors certainly knew Weston was in the pool and there was no excuse for our swimmers not hearing the cheering and yelling from the seating.

We started the morning very well with 17 freestyle personal best times out of 18 swims! An amazing accomplishment. Some very good improvements were Jorja Belt 46.66 (51.62), Lloyd Fellowes 50.30 (55.00), Olivia Mavor 47.89 (51.57), Timmy Sargeant 44.41 (48.99),  and Logan Taylor 38.80 (42.43).

Following the freestyle, Weston had 15 swimmers in the preliminary backstroke heats where again there were a good number of personal best swims. Jesse Cope 48.40 (53.21) and Bailie Lynch 57.08 (1:02.00) and Sen McMaster made great improvements on their entry times.

The last event of the morning was the 50 m breaststroke which is harder to qualify for so we were pleased we had five breaststroke racers who all swam personal best times.

In the afternoon, the fastest eight boys and girls in each age group for each stroke returned to race in the finals and the relays were also held as part of the session. The afternoon racing takes place in the 50 m pool so it was certainly a lot more challenging. All of the swimmers raced really well and again, good personal times were recorded. Our relay teams caused great excitement and it was the youngest team of Jorja Belt, Olivia Mavor, Jesse Cope and Samuel Petrie who had the best placing of second in the 9 Years and Under Freestyle.

Thank you to the parents who supported their children by travelling to Dunedin and spending a lovely Saturday inside a hot, loud swimming pool surrounded by hundreds. It is great to see the children have the opportunity to race in a larger event and perform so well in front of family and friends. Hopefully they are all keen to compete next year as it is a lot of fun.

Weston swimmers, congratulations on your results, your behaviour, your enthusiasm and your great team spirit. You represented your school well.

Individual Finalists and Individual and Relay Place Getters

Girls 9 years and Under

Jorja Belt - 2nd - 9 years & Under Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay

Olivia Mavor - 2nd - 9 years & Under Mixed 200 m  Freestyle Relay

Boys 9 years and Under

Samuel Petrie - 1st - 50 m Freestyle, 2nd - 50 m Backstroke, 7th - 50 m Breaststroke

Boys 10 Years and Under

Samuel Petrie - 2nd - 9 years & Under Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay

Jesse Cope - 3rd - 50 m Backstroke, 2nd - 9 years & Under Mixed Relay

Girls 11 years and Under

Alice Petrie - 5th - 50 m Freestyle, 1st - 50 m Backstroke, 7th - 50 m Breaststroke, 5th - 11 Years Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay, 7th - Mixed 200 m Medley Relay

Nicole Cope - 5th - 11 Years Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay, 7th - Mixed 200 m Medley Relay

Molly Loe - 5th - 11 Years Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay, 7th - Mixed 200 m Medley Relay

Boys 11 Years and Under

Sen McMaster - 4th - 50 m Backstroke, 8th - Year 7 & 8 Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay

Logan Taylor - 5th - 11 Years Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay

Girls 12 Years and Over

Bailey Collins - 6th - 50 m Freestyle, 5th - 50 m Backstroke, 5th - 50 m Breaststroke, 7th - Mixed 200 m Medley Relay, 8th - Year 7 & 8 Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay

Kazsandra Cuaresma - 8th - Year 7 & 8 Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay

Jocelyn Fellowes - 8th - Year 7 & 8 Mixed 200 m Freestyle Relay

For full Weston results, please follow link below

Our Weston School relay teams

DSCN0782.jpg DSCN0949.jpg

DSCN0946.jpg DSCN0777.jpg

Special thanks to Leigh Petrie for supplying the above article and photos, for organising the schools entries and for managing the children on the day.  Also to Mandy Collins who assisted.

Rippa Rugby Tournament

Last Friday, Weston entered four teams in the Rippa Rugby tournament at Whitestone Contracting stadium.  It was a bit wet and slippery underfoot in the morning which lead to lots of children slipping and sliding everywhere. All of the Weston children wore their Weston uniform with pride, and displayed wonderful sportsmanship on and off the field. I was so proud to be the teacher accompanying these wonderful children! Unfortunately Weston didn’t come in the top three in any of the grades, however we all had a great day out. A big thank you to the parents who coached, supervised and/or transported the children, we couldn’t have entered the tournament without your support.

Rippa team.jpg DSCN0301.jpg

                     Year 3 and 4 Team              Year 7 and 8 Team


IMG_3588.JPG IMG_3540.JPG

                Meika Millns      Khadijah Hemin-Jalal


Kowhai - Liam Hayes and Jacob Rohrbach

Kakapo - Gemma Aker and Tane Moffat

Tuatara - Kouper Lynch and Lucy Mavor

Kororaa - Myles Lott & Taliyah Matthewson

Tui -  Josh Miller and Charlotte Heselwood

Kea - Oli Symes and Zaria Kira

Kohuhu - Zabian Hunter and Micayla Fox

Ngahere - Adam Devon and Sylvia Lott

Awa Iti - Nicole Cope and Bethany Paisley

Principal’s Awards-

Principal’s Award - Andrew Sinclair and Brooklyn Deb

Happiness Award - Blake and Riley White

Science Award - Henry Ward

Josh Bryant Competes at South Island Secondary Schools Sailing Regatta in Dunedin

Josh sailed at the South Island Secondary School Sunburst Regatta.   After 4 days of sailing in 18 races, the boys came 2nd in the non spinnaker section and 6th overall out of a field of 17 boats.   Super results for the pair.  Josh was pretty proud of his results.

FB_IMG_1427187973422.jpg FB_IMG_1427142937558 (1).jpg


Life Education - In the first week of Term 2 from the 20th to the 24th of April we will have the Life Education Team visiting our school.  There is a parent session which parents are welcome to attend on Friday 24 April from 1:00pm-1:30pm at Weston School.


Midori lunch orders from Term 2 - We are lucky to have Midori now able to offer us School Lunches on Thursdays beginning Term 2.  Orders MUST be placed before 9am in a clearly marked envelope with what the order is, name and room name.  

Menu offered:-

Teriyaki Chicken Sushi (Lettuce, avocado, carrot) - $5.00 (5pcs), $8.00 (8pcs)

Chicken Katsu Sushi (Lettuce, avocado, mayo) - $5.00 (5pcs), $8.00 (8pcs)

Smoked Chicken Sushi (Lettuce, avocado, mayo) - $5.00 (5pcs), $8.00 (8pcs)

Salmon Sushi (Fresh raw salmon, avocado) - $6.50 (5pcs), $11.00 (8pcs)

Teriyaki Salmon Sushi (Lettuce, avocado, carrot) - $6.50 (5pcs), $11.00 (8pcs)

Cooked Tuna Sushi (Lettuce, avocado, carrot, mayo) - $5.00 (5pcs), $8.00 (8pcs)

Vegetable Sushi (Lettuce, tofu, avocado, carrot) - $5.00 (5pcs), $8.00 (8pcs)

Combo Sushi (Combination sushi) - $6.00 (5pcs), $10.00 (8pcs)

Beef Karubi Sushi (Marinated beef, lettuce, carrot) - $5.00 (5pcs), $8.00 (8pcs)

Prawn Tempura Sushi (Lettuce, avocado, mayo) - $6.50 (5pcs), $11.00 (8pcs)

Vege Tempura Sushi (Lettuce seasonal vege tempura) - $11.00

Chicken and Avocado Rice Ball (Teriyaki chicken) - $6.00

Chicken and Avocado Rice Ball (Katsu chicken) - $6.00

Salmon and Avocado Rice Ball - $7.00

Cooked Tuna Avocado Rice Ball (with mayo) - $6.00

Uniform Shop - the Uniform Shop will be open again on Wednesday the 22nd of April from 2:30-3:30pm.  It will be open every second Wednesday during term time.

WW100 Poppy Pins $6.00 - place your order at the school office with your name and money in a sealed envelope.  Further details in link below.

Community Information

See details on our school noticeboard, click on the links below or visit our School Website on our Home Page under Community for details on events below.  Hard copies are also available from the School Office.

10 Week Circuit Challenge

Active Kids Holiday Programme April Holidays

April School Holiday Tennis Sessions

Awamoa Football Club Pre-season Football Skills Sessions

Beauty and the Beast - St Kevins College are very excited to be bringing the wonderful Disney production of Beauty and the Beast to Oamaru!  We would like to offer your students and their families the opportunity to secure Early Bird tickets before they go on public sale at the beginning of next term.  Booking forms and money must be IN A SEALED AND NAMED ENVELOPE into the school office.  

Early bird booking form

Fifa Under 20 World Cup opportunity for young players as player escorts and flag bearers

Girl Guide Biscuits - please contact Jo Mortimer at Weston School or Amanda Notman  434 0299 - $3.50/pack

Herbert Forest Open Day 2015

Meadowbank United Football Club 2015 Junior Open day and Registration details 14 March

MTO Children’s Theatre production of Aladdin will be onstage at the Opera House Ink Box Theatre April 16 – 18.

North Otago Lions Club Childrens Fun Day - 18 April

Old Boys Rugby Football Club Registration 2015

OSCAR’s Autumn Holiday Programme

Pathfinders Gym Club


Recreational gymnastics for 2015 begins this week (16th Feb).

MONDAYS : 6 - 7.10pm for 8 years and over (boys and girls).

WEDNESDAYS : 6 - 7.10pm for 5 - 7 years (boys and girls).

Cost : $60.00 per term.  Please call in or ph Kim on 027 4832261 or 4340375.

School Holiday Fun at the Library, Museum and Gallery

Scotts Own Sea Scouts

Swim Technique Improvement Clinic

Valley Junior Netball Registration Information 2015

Valley Senior Netball Registrations 2015

Waitaki Newcomers Network Information

Wanaka Trail Bike Ride 26 April

Weston Kids Club Holiday Dates/times

Weston Church Kids Club Garden Club