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Hi Parents and Caregivers,


In May Home and School had their AGM and its last meeting for the financial year with an awesome turn out.  We elected a new President, Sonia Hudson and a new Treasurer, Ruben Groot.  Linley Gill is going to take minutes for the Fireworks Committee until the end of year.  We will be looking for someone to take this position.  If you can help please contact me, Donna 027 368 4355.  Sarah Cromwell is kindly going to take the Home and School Minutes.  Clare Newton is going to organise the Topflite Fundraisers while Kylie Burnett and Kate Webster are running the Sausage Sizzles this year.  Thank you so much for taking on these roles.

 Anna Spittle, Kylie Kane and Jen Fellowes have stepped off the Committee due to other commitments.  Thanks ladies for offering to help Home and School with fundraising anytime, you are truly awesome.

 Kirsten Welsh, Linley Gill and Susan Ludemann have kids off to High School next year.  These ladies are happy to stay on until the end of the year and support the new Committee. Thank you so much.

 Home and School Committee Members – Sonia Hudson, Sarah Cromwell, Ruben Groot, Clare Newton, Kate Webster, Emily Anderson, Kylie Burnett, Twyla Kingan, Leigh Petrie, Linley Gill, Kirsten Welsh, Susan Ludemann, Nicky Ryan and Jo Mortimer.

 A BIG Thank you to the Fireworks Committee –Emily Anderson, Tim Petrie, Ruben Groot, Trina McNamara, Sonia Hudson, Jo Parr, Andrew Paisley, Nicki McMillan, Linley Gill, Jo Parr,  Twyla Kingan, Becca Isbister, Lisa Duncan, Kimberley Mavor, Anna Spittle, Dagmar Rohrbach, Barbara Miller, Tim Kitto, Hamish Loe, Barry and RJ Fox.

 The Committee are working away behind the scenes, getting ready of the Fireworks this year which is to be held on Friday the 3rd of November 2017.

 Thank you to Dagmar Rohrbach for organizing and finding some soccer goals and for purchasing the nets on behalf of Home and School.

 Thank you to all of the Home & School and Fireworks Committees for the hard work you have done for Home and School over the year. You are amazing and inspiring parents.

 Well done and good luck for the future.


Kind regards, Donna Carter

A little about our new President, Treasurer

and Minutes Lady

President- My name is Sonia Hudson and I am looking forward to working with the Home and School Committee as the President. I feel it is important to continue on the great work the Committee does in supporting the school.  I am married to Scott and we have two children Will and Rosie.  Will is in Room 4 at Weston School and Rosie will start in November this year.  While I grew up in Oamaru, I moved on to study when I finished school.  In 2010 I returned to Oamaru and we now live at Enfield.

Treasurer- Hi, I am Ruben Groot and after being active in the Committee for the last two years it is time for me to step up.  I am taking over the role of Treasurer for the Home and School Committee. My partner Vicki and I have two children, Leonie who is yr 3 and Joshua who is just starting school at Weston.  The main reason why we as a family joined the Home and School Committee is because it is the easiest way of helping the school where our children will grow up, learn heaps and be allowed to form their own personality, by the means of leadership, empathy, passion and respect.  I am looking forward in keeping up the great work this Committee has done and go on so that all our children will keep enjoying Weston School.

Minutes Lady- Hi i'm Sarah Cromwell and I'm happy to be joining the Home and School Committee and helping out where I can to help continue the awesome work they do and all the extras they provide to the students of Weston School.  My husband Antony works for Oamaru I.T solutions & i'm a full time mum to our 4 children Amelia yr 4, Taylor yr 1, Rhys 3 & Tyson 1.

Next Meetings..


Home and School’s next meeting is to be held on the 9th of August at 7:30pm

The Fireworks Committees next meeting is the 14th of September at 7:30pm

All are very welcome to come along to these meetings. 

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Jan 24, 2016, 4:18 PM