April Fools

April Fools

In the spirit of laughing and keeping us all happy at the end of such a busy term (the shorter the term the harder it is to fit in everything) we had such fun with April Fool’s Day. Firstly Mr Oliver arrived at school to find his classroom upside down and back to front. Who could have done this? Never underestimate the strength of a woman Mr Oliver and you got him good Ms McNabb!


We also took all our students outside to view the NASA balloon travelling around the Earth (it is actually in South America at the moment) but we convinced everyone (some suspicious seniors excluded) to join us in a countdown as it came into view 10, 9, 8.......3, 2, 1 April Fools all the teachers yelled. A great laugh which was enjoyed by most of the children except maybe the little ones who couldn’t understand where the balloon was.


Where is the balloon?????????