Year 7 and 8 Girl’s Self Defence Project

Our Year 7 & 8 girls took part in the GIRL"S SELF DEFENCE PROJECT, Ministry of Social Development initiative. The course covered dealing with safety issues.  Issues from - on the internet to dealing with being approached by strangers. It has a strong 'thinking' component that fits well with our belief in our pupils becoming skillful thinkers.

We were delighted to be able to offer our intermediate age pupils this programme.

Self Defence 1.jpgSelf Defence 2.jpg

Feedback from the girls included:

  • It was nice to learn how to defend ourselves and it was nice of Imogen to teach us.

  • This course has helped me to know what to do in unsafe situations and how to defend myself in times of need.

  • I learned more skills for attacking.

  • Awesome, you learn heaps.

  • It was very helpful to know all of these different techniques.

  • This course was awesome, it taught me a lot of ways to protect myself in the future.

  • I know more skills, I feel more confident when facing a tough situation.

  • It was helpful for me because now I am more confident to yell in situations where that is needed!

  • It is good for girls to know about this. I have learnt more stuff from this. In other words … awesome!

  • It was helpful to know some things to get me out of bad situations. I feel confident to yell now.

  • This course was fun and I learnt loads of new things. Thanks!

  • It was helpful and I feel more confident.

  • It’s good to know how to deal with bad situations.

  • I learned lots of ways to deal with different situations.

  • GREAT!

  • Keeping girls/ladies safe from harm and how to look after themselves in the big bad world.

  • It’s a great way to learn how to deal with things. I didn’t learn as much because I do taekwondo. I think if they touch more on if you’re home alone. Overall it was a great class. I also got to do something different to schoolwork. I like the teacher.

  • Keeping young women my age safe out on the streets, and at home, and to feel confident. Loved it! GREAT Experience! It’s getting me prepared for the world.