Students are engaged and learning at Weston School

My biggest noticing as Principal is that when I walk into a classroom is how many teachers do not notice I am there..they are too busy with students! Also if that teacher is engaged with a group of learners I am amazed at the amount of children getting on with learning and the task at hand with complete absorption. Over the course of this week I have seen 96% of all students engaged in learning with or without a teacher. This means that students are finding learning fun, they are accountable for what they have to do and engagement is seen to a high level. If I ask children about their learning and what they are doing I am getting full and deep answers from students who know what they are doing. I cannot tell you how exciting this is!

2014-04-04 10.16.37.png 2014-04-04 10.15.37.png 2014-04-04 10.17.37.png 20140401_122338-1.jpg