Paper4Trees planting

  • Paper4Trees planting

  • Paper4trees is the largest school-based recycling programme of its type in the country.  Paper4trees provides us with the resources and equipment needed to set up our own in-house practical paper &cardboard recycling systems.

  • We are asked to record our paper & cardboard recycling throughout the year; Paper4trees then rewards us with eco-sourced native plants for our efforts!

Kowhai planting 1.jpgKowhai planting 2.jpg

Students planting our Paper4trees Trees on Friday the 24th of October.  We received 15 Kowhai trees, 2 Coprosma repens and 6 Corokia.

Kowhai planting.jpg

We are grateful to our sponsors - WWF Environmental Education Action Fund & Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd and

Nursery - Oregon Nurseries