Otago Primary School Swimming Sports

Well done to our 24 swimmers who swam at the Otago Primary School Champs held in Dunedin.

All swimmers achieved fantastic results with everyone achieving personal best times in the morning preliminary races. There was great support from the parents and families who attended the meet and everyone had a fun time.

From the couple of  hundred swimmers that had qualified for the event, only eight from each age group return for the afternoon finals session.

Weston performed superbly with Jesse Cope and Samuel Petrie, both 8 years, being the surprise finalists in the Boys 9 Years and Under Backstroke. Jesse was 8th and Samuel 3rd.

The two other big results for the school was Alice Petrie first in the Girls 10 Year and Under Backstroke and the sensational swim of the day went to the Weston 10 Year Old Relay team who came from behind to win their 200m Freestyle relay.

10 Year old relay team - Winners of the 200m Freestyle relay

Relay team.jpg

 10 year old relay team                                Year 7&8 relay team

10 Year old relay team-001.JPGYear 7-8 relay team.JPG




Jesse Cope     Finalist Boys 9 years and Under 50m Backstroke Placing 8th

Samuel Petrie     Finalist Boys 9 Years and Under 50m Backstroke      Placing 3rd

Logan Taylor     Finalist Boys 10 Years 50m Backstroke         Placing 8th

Sen McMaster     Finalist Boys 10 Years 50m Freestyle         Placing 6th                                                                           Finalist Boys 10 Years 50m Backstroke         Placing 8th

Alice Petrie     Finalist Girls 10 Years 50m Freestyle         Placing 5th

            Finalist Girls 10 Years 50m Backstroke         Placing 1st

Bailey Collins     Finalist Girls 11 Years 50m Freestyle         Placing 8th

            Finalist Girls 11 Years 50m Backstroke         Placing 4th

            Finalist Girls 11 Years 50m Breaststroke         Placing 5th

Emma Petrie     Finalist Girls 12 and Over 50m Freestyle         Placing 8th

            Finalist Girls 12 and Over 50m Backstroke         Placing 4th

            Finalist Girls 12 and Over 50m Breaststroke         Placing 8th

The Weston Swim Team

Weston Swim Team (2).JPG

The full team and meet results are on the school website under the Sports tab.