New Modern Learning Environment - Official Opening


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Official Opening of our Modern Learning Environment!

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Emma Petrie, Macee McDonald and

Mayor Gary Kircher open our new building.

New Building:

It was wonderful to finally have this ambitious project finished and get students and teachers into exciting learning areas. We consider ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to engage in 21st century learning in a 21st century space. This is a new chapter in Weston School’s history of teaching and learning and we are ready to embrace it. Director of Education for the Dunedin office, Julie Anderson added this to the Ministry of Education website after the opening last term:

Modern Learning Environments

In the last week of the term, I attended the opening ceremony for the new Senior Modern Learning Environment at Weston School, Oamaru. I was most impressed that the children had planned for and chosen the furniture for the four transformed spaces. Colourful, robust cushions, tables of varying heights, moveable furniture, laptops and a large television screen all spoke of a different style of teaching. The children were completing a self-reflection sheet on where and why they liked to complete their maths, writing or reading in specific places around the room.

Principal, Nicky Ryan, commented that a number of children with special educational needs were more settled and responded well to the choice of work positions offered in their new environment. The senior students managed the whole ceremony, even telling the teachers that it was now time to take their children back to their classrooms. Well done Weston School!