Future Imaginings

Future imaginings:

Well it is coming and we can’t stop it! Wearable technology is on its way! In actual fact it is very exciting that Derek Golding has come in to share with our senior students all the opportunities just around the corner. Derek also shared with parents and teachers (including some kids who came back for another go!) We saw virtual reality, augmented reality and gesture technology. I loved the 3D photos which you can view through an app on your phone provided the information is embedded in the photo.I also shared with the community the latest Horizon Report which can be downloaded here:


Thanks so much Derek you rock and we really appreciate your support.

This is what Derek messaged on Facebook

Golding Arts wrote: "Thank you to all the children, teachers and parents who attended the two sessions. Hope you all enjoyed a look at some of the future technologies that will be making their presence known to us all over the coming years!"