Burns Memorial Art Exhibition

Burns  Memorial  Art  Exhibition  2014

The Burns Memorial children’s art exhibition is one of the most colourful and popular exhibitions held each year at the Forrester Art Gallery in Oamaru.  Many Weston pupils will be exhibited their stunning artwork.

Below is a sample of what was exhibited by Weston School students.  


Congratulations to the following students who had their work on display:

Alice Petrie, Flynn Hill, Luke James, Timothy Sargeant, Liam Direen, Katelyn Walton, Chloe Hayman, Paige Black, Joel Carter, Ashleigh Fraser-Wood, Zabian Hunter, Damien Miller, Josiah Yarnton, Holly Harvey, Emma Meikle, Alexis Cuaresma, Grace Kennedy, Tilly Connolly, Rory Bailey, Brodie Holywell, Sahara McCabe, Charlotte Heselwood, Harry King, Flynn Hayes, Angelo Bush, Breanna Kingan, Jacob Yeates, Luke MacKay, Sophie Brown, Tussock Judd, Jake Hacquoil, Alex Bond, Rachel Haywood, Sophie Rohrbach, Isacc Winders, Melissa Carki, Flynn Meikle, Poppy Golding.

Students who made ‘Peter and the Wolf’ clayworks (i.e. Peter, Grandpa, Birdie and Wolf.)