Anzac Day - Real People with Real Stories

This year’s ANZAC service for Weston School had the theme of sharing stories about our local people and their experience of war and serving our country. Each class presented a posy representing each child that brought a flower to school.

Weston School believes in sharing with our community and included students and local people. Gary Paterson welcomed everyone reminding us how even people in small communities have a part to play on a global stage – we all do our bit. Shea Direen and Levi Sherman read poems including In Flanders’ Fields by Lt Colonel John McCrae. Reverend Nancy Parker told the story of the Corriedale Tree in her address and how it grew from a seed brought back from the Great War. Room 8 students shared stories of their grandparents and even parents who did and are serving in the army. Ross Bradfield played the Last Post on his saxophone and everyone sang Māori Battalion and Blue Smoke.                    

Nicky Ryan