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Weston Primary is a full primary school comprising nine classes and organised on a multi-level structure.  The roll varies but is currently 205, supporting 9 teachers and ten support staff.      Weston is a decile 7 school and is widely regarded as a desirable North Otago school to teach and learn in. It is currently a school with a 
diversifying roll, based on the community that supports it e.g.  increases in dairying families due to irrigation scheme. This has created a need for dynamic change to meet the challenges and development required to support this in conjunction with the requirements of the New Zealand  National Curriculum and National Standards .

Weston School has an Enrolment Scheme which was put in place in June, 2007 and a roll growth funded classroom which was also put in place that year. SPG funding awarded has also meant that a new administrative block  was built in 2009, a staffroom, resource and work areas for teachers  upgrade in 2011, a special needs area in 2012 and plans for an upgrade of our senior classroom block in 2013. The board and school are committed to creating modern learning environments that support 21st Century Learning.

The School Leadership Team comprises of the Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal. The Deputy and Assistant Principals both lead the Senior and Junior syndicates. The Junior Syndicate (Years 0-4) currently has five classes, and the Senior Syndicate (Years 5-8) has four classes. There is a high level of collegiality amongst staff members and our focus for all staff is the creation of the Professional Learning Community. It is expected that teachers show collective responsibility for the school culture and interact across the school with students at all levels.

The school has a supportive Board of Trustees and also a committed Home and School team of parents.