What is an engaged learner?

posted Mar 6, 2014, 4:48 PM by Nicky Ryan
Last night we were joined by a great group of parents who were able to share their thoughts with us about their child's learning and the current changes in education and at Weston School.

  • Together we came up with wanting our children to be:
    • Excited about learning and coming to school.
    • Able to communicate and share what they have learned at school with families e.g. tell us about their learning.
    • Given opportunities to work on their passion, talent or strength e.g. music and sport or other area.
    • Given opportunities to work with outside experts or have learning experiences that are real and meaningful.
    • Able to think and critique what they have learned.
    • Able to have interactive learning activities that allow for hands on practical experiences rather than always sitting and listening e.g. parents what their kids to be doing things!
There are lots more ideas I am sure floating around the community - please email your thoughts to nryan@weston.school.nz if you would like to have your ideas added to the list. You might like to share your feelings about children's learning and relationships and our school mission statement that includes caring

We also looked at why governments around the world are wanting to reform education and we shared this clip from you tube: 
 It has Sir Ken Robinson and this was originally made in 2010!

YouTube Video

Other feedback last night included parents wanting to know much more about gaming and boys learning - does gaming really help learning? Also will modern learning environments make a difference to learning? And does community have a say in education anymore especially as so much more is now mandated? We will do more around this area to help with understanding and share the direction of our school.

We agreed on the importance of communication and parents said that they liked all information from school as it helps them to be more inclusive and support what is happening between home and school. It was generally agreed that the current science programme is loved by everyone!

Your thoughts, support and your trust are invaluable to us. 

Nga mihi