Skillful thinkers talk about learning!

posted Feb 11, 2016, 4:03 PM by Nicky Ryan   [ updated Feb 11, 2016, 6:17 PM by Joy McGee ]
Kia ora and welcome back to 2016.

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It is lovely to be  back myself and after a time of ill health it is wonderful to be in the school environment full of purpose and excitement for our direction. There are new faces and we welcome new teachers Matt Hannagan, Dionne Wallace, Colleen Robson and Sammy Macdonald. We know you will add value to our school. We also have some new teacher aides join our team to support in class learning - Alex Douglas, Yvonne Munroe and Allyson Lee you are such a bonus!

Thank you to those parents and families that attended our Meet the Teachers last night. We hope you are clear on our direction for this year and will be supporting learning at our school. I know you would have enjoyed meeting your child's teacher.  

This year is the fourth year we have had a Wildly important Goal so important that it can be articulated by EVERYONE. We want you all to be involved in talking about learning, your learning and your children's' learning too. If we all aim for life long learning then we all need to use a language that is positive and moving forward. Don't forget to ask questions of your children when they come home -

What did they learn that was new today?
What did they find hard? (A perfect time to discuss resilience and persistence)
What do they do if they do find something hard? (It can't always be ask the teacher!)
Ask what did you think about...?
How did you work out that problem?
Did you take time to reflect?
How do you make learning easier for yourself?

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Ka kite
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