Science Focus for 2014 @ Weston School

posted Oct 31, 2013, 5:31 PM by Nicky Ryan
The New Zealand government is wanting a country of citizens that are prepared to innovate and be able to compete in a global market in scientific and technological sense. Have a look at the link below and watch the video on innovation. The link will also show you other resources used for learning in NZ schools.

Schools know that as a part of this mandate to support future generations of learners that we need to start now in Primary school and not wait for students to get to Secondary level where misconceptions have already in place in young minds.
We believe that our unique position in North Otago with our agricultural and innovative background that our children should be given the opportunity to take part in this important aspect of learning.

We have had two teachers train with the Royal Society of NZ this year and they have already started us on our journey towards our commitment to including science to a greater level in our curriculum.

Have a look at the ppt below shared by Jenny Kitchin at last night's board meeting. The board and school are looking forward to some exciting learning times in 2014:

Nga mihi