Our Wildly Important Goal for 2015:

posted Feb 4, 2015, 5:00 PM by Nicky Ryan   [ updated Feb 4, 2015, 5:08 PM ]
Kia ora and a warm welcome to the 2015 school year.

What is so special about a goal that is so wildly important that it buzzes and captures everyone?
This year to embody our school's vision and mission statements we have chosen as our WIG (Wildly Important Goal) 

Skilful thinkers know;

happiness helps the learner grow.

You all have goals but when you only have one and make it wildly important, then it must infuse into every part of what you do. This is what we plan to do and have this one learning goal (not an achievement goal or target) but an overall goal that helps our children to become well rounded thinkers who can focus on their learning and time at school focused around happiness. We will have four key understandings that we wish to convey to our children this year across all that we do and plan for:

Noticing the world around you (I am part of a bigger picture, I can be responsible and respectful, I am engaged in what is happening around me...I care)

Helping and appreciating people (being part of a community as a contributor and participator, I am happy being with you just as you are)

Knowing I am responsible for my own happiness (I don't need things or others to determine how happy I am)

Learning how to take care of your body (happy bodies feel safe, eat good food, recognise what emotions do etc)

This is a very topical issue at the moment arising our of neuroscience and if you are engaged with social media, health and wellbeing issues or wonder about mindfulness...you will have seen something on this matter.

We don't want just high achieving academic students for our school. We want our children to be happy in their learning, happy in themselves, happy to take risks and discover how much more they can do and be. We are committed as a whole school staff to this endeavour this year and hope that you as a part of our community can be involved with us. Our first assembly next week on THURSDAY and our Meet the Teachers Night will be focused around this concept.

We get back so much more than we give!

Resources and Books about Happiness:
Gretchen Rubin and her book The Happiness Project

2015 is going to be a great, happy year!

Nga mihi
Nicky Ryan