Meet the Teachers 2013

posted Feb 18, 2013, 1:35 PM by Nicky Ryan   [ updated Feb 20, 2013, 6:44 PM ]
First and foremost thank you very much to all our families that attended Meet the Teachers for 2013 last night. We received some good feedback on our reports and the evening itself. My thanks go as well to the teachers for their preparation and enthusiasm for 2013.

Comments included:

I am very interested in your wildly important goal...tell me more!
I love Weston School my older kids were so prepared for high school.
The Junior Room looks such a cool place to learn.
It was nice to hear the same message in each class that I went to for both of my children.
The senior Hauora homework was so exciting to find out about, my boy loves it!
I want to know more about thinking and what you are planning this year.
There is a nice feel to the school and you are straight into it - it's great.
You can tell you guys are 'passionate'.

I really liked this one: "I wish I could have more children so I could send them to Weston School." Actually that is what I call passionate not to mention mighty supportive!

I hear some parents in the Year 8 class had a good discussion on 'learning location' - is it better on the mat or at desks? Actually the answer to that is both and often personal choice is involved for the learner.

I would especially like to express our value of gratitude and thank you for your positive comments and outlook for 2013.