Learning is Everywhere! It is Ubiquitous!

posted Aug 6, 2014, 4:32 PM by Nicky Ryan   [ updated Aug 6, 2014, 5:34 PM by Joy McGee ]
Kia ora e tu whanau 

This term the teachers are focused on 'learning to learn' one of the principles in the NZ Curriculum and why shouldn't we be? After all learning for the 21st century child is ubiquitous - it is ever present and everywhere! By now we all know that learning is never ending and life long. It always has been, although in today's world there are constant changes and this brings pressure to bear on us all to continue to learn. To do this we need the skills to be able to do this effectively and efficiently. A simple example is your cell phone think how much it has changed from the first one you ever had? You have had to learn what is required to use new skills so you can experience new opportunities.

If learning is ubiquitous then, as parents we need to make and take opportunities to support ongoing learning for our children. Formal learning that happened at school was generally organised and structured. We provided the knowledge and we followed the curriculum to make sure that the set skills were learned. Today we realise that informal learning is just as important and that the learning that happens outside of school contributes hugely to development, especially if we are learning to think creatively and critically. If it supports our children in becoming confident and connected then it is just as, if not more important. William, Angus and Joel went to the Otago University Science Expo in the holidays...their learning was monumental and this inspired them to write for the local paper. Awesome! Showing learning happens all the time!

If you are thinking as a parent how much school has changed then you might have had the chance to watch Nigel Latta the other night? We think it was a fabulous representation of how schools are changing and what you need to know as parents.

If you didn't then this is a must watch from 'tvnz on demand' http://tvnz.co.nz/nigel-latta/s1-ep2-video-6037627 

It would be great if you particularly looked at Pt England School. Last week our school sent Sharlene Carki and Caron Sullivan to the Manaiakalani Hui - looking at a cluster of school that works together around the principles of Learn, Share, Care. All of these schools are working to improve the learning outcomes for children as 21st century learners, weaving the use of devices and technology into learning. This means daring to be different. We think that Weston School is not far off of this aspiration as we also dare to be different and promote the learning accountability of our students. Sharlene and Caron spent a good amount of time with the children and staff of Pt England and they were very impressed with the levels of engagement in learning. Engagement and the enjoyment of learning is just as important if not more so, as it leads us to achievement and success!

Nga mihi