Innovation - why do we need this in education?

posted Mar 3, 2016, 12:04 PM by Nicky Ryan   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 12:26 PM ]

Kia ora

No doubt you have heard lots in the news, through politicians talk and in magazines about the need for innovation. It is the current buzzword and we are being challenged to use innovative practice in schools and in learning.

To get to grips with this I am currently reading The Innovator's Mindset.

I am being reminded about the sea of change that we are all tossed about on and that we now need our own compass to guide us rather than rely on the original map.George Couros shares that inspiration without implementation is a waste.

Actually this is not a new concept at all. We have always had great explorers who have gone on to chart waters previously unknown. Society has taken on board new developments and changes from these explorations. But what is different, is that change through innovation can happen much faster in a modern world. Those sacred institutions like schools where previous methods have been set in stone, are being given permission to change and innovate so that our children have better opportunities for learning and development as future citizens of both our communities and country.

There is another mindset that says actually we are doing okay aren’t we? Why change what is good? Well the truth is we don’t change what is good, we let that evolve and develop to suit the needs of our school and the children in it. We do however, need to consider that some past (and even present) practices and approaches are unsuited to future aspirations. We do need to think about those complex issues that challenge any school such as getting our Year 8’s ready for High School. Do we get them ready for the High School that we remember attending or do we presume that just like us they are evolving and meeting the needs of 21st century learners? I believe that we get our children ready for High School by finding out what these schools are doing currently and what they plan to do in the future. I believe that we find out from our community what you want for your children and their future.

Before we get to the end of this term let’s have a community evening, a hui on what innovation means to us and for our school. Please email me with any queries or thoughts As George says 'Change is the chance to do something amazing!'

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