Honesty - kōrero pono (to be honest, to be truthful)

posted Oct 24, 2013, 2:06 PM by Nicky Ryan
Kia ora e tu whanau

As a part of our school values this term we will be focussing on HONESTY. I have been saddened lately that there are more children who are prepared to be dishonest when confronted on issues. Of course this always makes me wonder as to the cause and reasons that this maybe happening?

Although we could not have our usual assembly due to hall bookings for the Labour weekend we took the opportunity to have a full school assembly to discuss the importance of honesty yesterday.

We talked about how it feels to lie, not tell the truth or be dishonest and we talked about why we might do it. We discussed how lies get bigger and how important it is to have people trust you. Being dishonest causes a loss of trust. Your children shared clear ideas and know the reasons why they should be honest.

I promised that I would share this little clip with them:


One developing theme about why our children don't tell the truth is how they wish to be perceived and especially how girls wish to be seen by the public, their friends and their community. This might give parents something to think about. Girls seem to feel more pressure to lie or be dishonest as they need to be accepted by their peers and wider community. This is more of an issue now with social networking and it is impacting on the way our students are starting to behave...to be cool and be pretty...not ugly.

At Weston School we believe very strongly how important it is to reinforce honesty and show how we value this trait rather than a person's image of being right or perfect or the best. We want our children to look into their own heart and stand by their actions. Mistakes are the portals of discovery, standing by your choices and actions helps you to evaluate them and make changes. Covering up, not telling the truth and supporting this stance makes our children weaker. Dishonesty is actually ugly.

We also shared this image below and it reinforced our WIG that we are skillful thinkers. You might like to use this at home as we think it would look great on the fridge!

Nga mihi