Being Cyber-Smart!

posted Jun 27, 2013, 5:45 PM by Nicky Ryan
Kia ora

How cyber-smart are you as a parent?

How much do you know about social networking? Does your child have a Facebook account? Did you know that fb recommends that to have an account you have to be 13 years old. Do you know how to keep your child safe on the internet? 

As an interesting exercise after discussions lately with a few parents we have surveyed some of our students to find out if they use social networking. To our surprise we found that many of our students have fb pages or use instagram, snapchat and know about These children are younger than we thought are in Year 4 up. Sometimes issues from these social networking sites come into school. The schools main problem is that we cannot control the internet and we certainly don't wish to invade families and students privacy. Social Networking is an inevitable part of 21st Century life but we still need to be aware and support our children in their decision making and in keeping them cyber-safe.

Here are some sites that you may like to look at to help with your knowledge and understanding of social networking. NZ advises to visit the Australian site. Next term we are doing Keeping Ourselves Safe and this will have an element of Cyber-safety. The school is looking at finding a speaker for parents to help with understanding of social networking. You tube also has some good webinars that you can follow and watch.

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