Attendance Matters

posted Apr 18, 2013, 4:48 PM by Nicky Ryan
Kia ora

Your child's attendance at school matters. It matters to learning, it matters to understanding and development, it matters to friendship groups, it matters to progress. 

Each year the school has a goal in our Charter to make sure that we are focused on our students attendance. This year we are tracking the attendance of students and comparing their progress or programmes of work against presence at school.

Every student is tracked for attendance through our electronic register. At specific points throughout the term I will check on students attendance and look for trends and patterns. Students who are below 90% in their attendance at school come under closer scrutiny, to see links to illness or patterns that are worrying. Below 85% triggers even more cause for concern and this will require contact with parents and can include a letter registering the school's concern.

Being regularly late to school is also an area of concern, students who are always late by 10-20 mins each day can miss up to a whole day of school per term!

Some of our families may receive a letter over the holidays regarding the attendance of their child/ren. This is to make you aware. If you would like further discussion or support in this matter you may contact the office to make an appointment with me or Mrs Carki.

Working together to improve learning outcomes is a partnership between school and home, being present is the first step to improving learning.

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