West Monona Community School Library

It Has Really Been Bright In The Library!
Classes are just finishing up our version of Libraryopoly. Classes get to roll the dice and move around the board, collecting money, paying fines and answering questions. The winning class, the one with the most money will get an extra special library day.

Plus students are getting ready for parent teacher conferences, which is always an exciting time because it means the book fair will be starting up soon. As you can see we need to wear our sunglasses because it is getting so bright in the library.

September 15, 2014
International Dot Day
What is Dot Day? Well ask any elementary student at West Monona and they will tell you. It is not about dots, but about believing in yourself and encouraging others to believe in themselves. It originated from a book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and a math teacher who encouraged his students to make their mark on the world. This year 1,817,322 people from 81 countries participated in the event.  All students who attended West Monona library last week created their own dot, which are proudly displayed on the wall in the library.

Ms. Terry's class
Ms. Zima's class

September 16, 2014

April 24, 2014

West Monona Second Grade Book:
Mrs. Towne's class become authors. This was a collaborative effort between Mrs. Towne, Mrs. Westergaard, AEA representative Teresa Murray and librarian Mrs. Gay. You may download the presentation or view on this page, it may take several minutes to load as it is 44 pages.

Second Grade Book 2014

March 26, 2014
West Monona Elementary
A United States flag was created in the commons area at the West Monona Elementary. Pictures of the students were used to create the flag. The caption reads, "I Pledge...to be a SPARTAN STAR"

September 15, 2013

West Monona Elementary participated in the International Dot Day event. More than 79 countries and 1,238,811 people are also participating. Students are encouraged to make their mark and do their best. The book, The Dot  by Peter H. Reynolds was read to all students who participated. The book has an inspirational theme, to never give up and to always try your best. It even shows kids how they can inspire others. Looking close at the picture above, the “W: and “M” are made of the students creatively decorated dots, the dot is a human dot or picture of all the students who participated. Leading us to WM.org, clever use of the dot! Now the dots are decorating the library. This event was made possible through the efforts of Sarah O”Reilly and Peg Gay.

March 22, 2013

Improv Night at the Library 2013

Sixth Grade Improv Night at the Library
Friday Night Improv was the theme for the event in the high school library on March 22, 2013. The sixth grade from West Monona participated in a number of activities like: Leader of the Pack (passing items down a row and packing them into a suitcase), designing their own picture buttons, zombie tag, zip zap zop, Yes...and..., Marshmallow toss, Find the mystery book, Steampunk jewelry and Picture magnets. Prizes were awarded for all contests, pizza, cookies and drink were enjoyed and students were able to purchase from the book fair which was open that night. A great night was enjoyed by all.

February 10, 2013
Mrs. Clemmon’s 6th grade class has been learning about Aesop’s fables in the library. Student’s chose a fable, rewrote that fable in a modern tone, recorded their version and then presented their fable. Following are a few comments from the students. Pictures below.
  • I learned that things don't always go your way when recording things and that library is really fun.  Leighla
  • To turn something old into new makes me feel very creative. My favorite part of the project was to present it and see how everyone reacted.   Madison
  • It felt like taking history, bringing it to the present, and letting it pick up some stuff.  Caiden
  • I learned that you should stick with friends that stand by you no matter what. To take something so old and make it into a modern project is fun because you get to like direct your own story and you don’t have to do it a certain way.  MacKenzie
  • It was cool to do the projectDylan
  • We learned more of the skills of library. Adam
  • It was almost like I was restoring it. Axton
  • I learned that you can do really cool editing to things on your computers and that library class is awesome. I thought making up our own fable was probably the best part because you get to be very creative. Dylan
  • Some thing i enjoyed was that we could use our computers and figure out how to do things on the computer!!! Peyton
  • It was fun to change it into modern fable because you could see it happen maybe. Ariel
  • My favorite part of this project was that we got to record ourselves for the new fable that we made.  Sydney
  • I thought the best part was when we made the movie.  Jasmine
  • The thing I learned was that true friends should stick together when in danger.  Jeremy
  • It was fun changing an old story into a new story.  Sean

West Monona 6th Grade

March 18, 2013
West Monona Spanish Students 
Read to the Elementary
Last week the First and Second grade at Lark Elementary were treated to a special reading of Skippy Jon Jones Class Action by Judy Schachner. The book is about a cute little Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua. Scattered throughout the book are many spanish words. The high school Spanish students read the book and explained the words to the class using FaceTime. FaceTime is a program that allows the two groups to be in separate locations, yet interact with each other. The readers were able to read the book, show the pictures and be seen themselves by their audience. A good use of technology and students teaching students for West Monona. This collaboration was arranged by Spanish teacher, Jamie Wickham and Teacher librarian, Peg Gay.

Skippy Jon Jones

Book People Unite

February 5, 2013

The Elementary is seeing STARS!

Some Lark and Central students accompanied by their parents enjoyed a night under the stars. About 98 people attended this library event which was all about astronomy. Each student/parent pair spent about 30 minutes in the star lab (a large dome tent with a projector) viewing constellations and outline drawings of the constellations. The rest of their time was spent reading books and eBooks together, identifying constellations, completing crafts and writing exercises about stars. Snacks were also available for those attending. Watch for more library events coming to West Monona.