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4/7/17 Please work on PARCC problems.  Here are the solutions to the level 7 and 8 problem we were having trouble with Solution
4/6/17: Here are classwork problems to work on for today 4/6/17 prob
4/5/17: Level 7, 8, and 9 need to complete assignment number 3 on google classroom for stats and probability.  Level 8 classwork problems 4/5/17
3/24/17:  During break, please work on some parcc practice tests.  Click on the test for your grade level (by age) PARCC
3/22/17:  Here are today's classwork problems 3/22/17 problems
3/21/17:  Here are today's classwork problems 3/21/17 problems
3/20/17: Here are today's classwork problems 3/20/17 problems
Level 7 can also work on IXL level I, S Activities.  Level 8 and 9 can work on IXL Level K, S activities
3/17/17:  Here are today's classwork problems 3/17/17 problems
3/16/17:  Still work on yesterday's problems
3/15/17:  Here are today's classwork problems 3/15/17 problems
3/14/17:  Here are today's classwork problems 3/14/17 problems
3/13/17 Here are today's classwork problems 3/13/17 problems
3/10/14: Here are today's classwork problems 3/10/17
3/9/17: Here are today's classwork problems 3/9/17 problems
3/8/17 Here are today's classwork problems 3/8/17 problems
3/7/17 Here are today's classwork problems 3/7 problems
3/6/17:  Here are today's classwork problems 3/6/17 problems
2/28/17:  Level 7 needs to complete Feb 28, lesson 5 (work to be added to math composition book). Level 8 needs to complete Feb 28, lesson 5 (work to be added to math composition book), Level 9 needs to finish feb 28 lesson 11.
2/21/17 Here are the classwork we did today in class 2/21/17 problems
**NOTE*** Math PBL portion is due Friday 2/17
2/16/17 Here are today's classwork problems 2/16/17 problems
2/15/17: Here are today's classwork problems 2/15/17 problems
2/14/17: Here are today's classwork problems 2/14/17 problems
2/13/17: Here are today's classwork problems 2/13/17 problems
2/10/17:  Here are today's classwork problems 2/10/17 problems
2/9/17: Here are today's classwork problems 2/9/17
2/7/17: Here are today's classwork problems 2/7/17 problems
2/6/17:  Here are today's classwork problems: 2/6/17 problems
Students also should be working on scale drawings of their Olympic Venues.
2/1/17:  Students will no longer have homework in math.  We will be keeping math binders full of classwork problems.  If you would like to check your child's work, please ask to see their math binder! :) 
1/25/17:  All homework for level 7, 8 and 9 needs to be turned in by Monday.  See below.
1/24/17:  All homework had been on Empower or handed out in class.  The following are the assignments that should be completed by 1/25
Level 7: Geometry Playlist: lessons 1, 2, 7, and 20 and end of module assessment
Level 8: Functions from Geometry Playlist: Lessons 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and end of Module Assessment.
Level 9: Polynomials Playlist: Lessons 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8, and 9.
1/20/17: Level 7 and 9 have no homework.  Level 8 has homework on Empower and need to complete lesson 10
1/10/17:  Level 7 has homework in the form of a packet.  We will also be working on these problems in class on Wednesday. The packet can be found on Empower - playlist: geometry - lesson one.  Level 8 has homework on Empower: playlist functions from geometry - lesson 2.  Level 9 has homework on Empower - playlist: Polynomials - lesson one
1/9/17: Today there is no homework for all levels, but students know they can go on to Empower to work on the material we will be doing Tuesday.  Also, We will be going on a field trip January 26, field trip forms went out today and are due asap as well as $10.  
12/16/16:All levels were to have turned in their PBL presentation via google classroom or sharing with me.  I did not receive any of the packet work from the level 7 students who chose not to do the PBL.  
12/14/16:  All levels have their PBL presentation tomorrow.  Students will not receive any work time in class tomorrow.  Level 7 has Rescue the Roadkill Cafe, Level 8 has Optical Illusions, and Level 9 has Open for Business.  For the students who chose not to do the level 7 PBL, they Empower Packets are due Friday. 
12/12/16:Sorry for not keeping up with the assignments!  Level 7 has a roadkill cafe PBL they are doing.  This is listed on Google Classroom.  Students should have steps 1-9 completed and will be presenting on Thursday.  Level 8 has an optical illusion PBL due this Thursday.  The PBL is listed on Google Classroom.  Level 9 has their Open For Business PBL due this Thursday and will presenting on Thursday.  Whole class periods have been put aside for three weeks for student to complete their PBLS.  If you have opted out of the level 7 PBL, then complete the Percents, Proportions, and Ratios packets on Empower by Friday. The packets can also be found here:  Percents and Ratios, Rates and Proportions
11/14/16: Level 7 has homework in the form of a packet that needs to be completed, the packet is Lesson 7: Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers.  Accelerated Level 7, has homework in the form of the packet Lesson 5: Identical Triangles.  Level 8 has homework in the form of a packet Lesson 6: Dilations on a Coordinate Plane.  Level 9 has homework in the form of a packet Lesson 4: Measures of Variability.  Lesson 5 was also given and students can work ahead if they would like. 
11/8/16: Level 7 has homework to complete Lesson 2 on the Rational Playlist on Empower. Level 8 has no homework.  Work was completed in class.   High Flyers Level 7 has homework on Empower - complete lesson 2 on the Geometry playlist.  Level 9 needs to complete any unfinished lessons that were reviewed in class. 
11/7/16: Level 7 has no homework.  We will work on Lesson 2 on Empower Playlist Rational Numbers.  Level 8 has no homework.  We will work on lesson 2 on Empower Similarity Playlist.  Level 9 has homework on Empower - Descriptive Statistics Playlist - lesson 2.
10/25/16: Level 7  has homework on Empower - go to the ratios and proportions playlist and complete the scale factor activity.  Level 8 complete the Angles Associated with parallel lines paper.  Level 9 needs to complete their end of module assessment by Friday.  
10/24/16:Level 7 and 8 has an exit ticket that I suggested they look at and try to work on before meeting with me the next day.  Level 9 is working on their end of module assessment.
10/19/16:Level 7 to complete their Ratios and Proportional Relationships End of Module Assessment to be turned in Monday. 
10/11/16:Level 9, 8 and 7 have packets we worked on in class.  They have the option of completing if for homework or finishing during math stations in class.
9/23/16: Level 7 needs to complete the constant of proportionality packet that we started in class. Level has no homework as we are beginning review for our Scientific Notation Assessment.  Level 9 has a homework packet for adding and subtracting polynomials
9/22/16: Homework was on Empower for all levels.  Due to the district working on changing the Empower Site Address to Westminster Public from Adams50, no one was able to get on the site.  I did not know this until it was too late.  We will work on tonight's homework in class tomorrow.
9/19/16: All levels have a PBL due soon.  The meal plan portion is due Wednesday.  Please refer to your google classroom for the guidelines and criteria.
9/16/16:All levels need to be working on the meal planning portion of their wellness website.  This is a part of our wellness PBL
9/15/16:Level 7 has homework on Empower - Ratios and proportions playlist - more proportions tables activity - complete the problem set.  Level 8 has homework on Empower - Exponents and Scientific Notation playlist - Efficacy in Scientific Notation activity - complete the problem set. Level 9 was given their mid-module assessment and should continue to work on it. 
9/14/16:Level 7 had homework on Empower - complete Proportional and Non-proportions tables problem set.  Level 8 homework on Empower - complete the scientific notation operations activity.  
9/13/16: No homework for all levels
9/12/16:Level 7 has homework on Empower - ratios and proportions - proportional relationships activity - complete the problem set.  Level 8 has homework on Empower - exponents and scientific notation playlist, scientific notation playlist, complete the playlist.  Level 9 has homework on Empower, relationships playlist - analyzing graphs activity - complete the problem set.
9/9/16: No Homework for all levels
9/8/16: Level 7 has homework on Empower - Ratios and Proportions playlist - Proportions Activity.  Level 8 has homework on Empower - Exponents and Scientific Notation Playlist - How to write in Scientific Notation Activity.  Level 9 needs to continue working on their packet. 
9/7/16: No Homework for all levels
9/6/16:No homework for all levels
8/30/16: Level 7 has homework on Empower - Ratios - Rates activity do problems 17-22.  Level 8 has no homework.
8/29/16: Level 7 has homework on Empower - Ratios playlist - equivalent ratios activity  - complete problems 9-10.  Level 8 has homework on Empower - Exponents and Scientific Notation Playlist - Purpose of Scientific Notation Activity - complete problems 3-4.  Level 9 has homework on Empower - Relationships Playlist - Relationships between different units of measure - problems 1-20.
8/26/16:  No homework!  Enjoy your weekend!
8/25/16:  Level 7 has homework on Empower, go to the Ratios playlist - Lesson One Redo Activity, and do problems 4-6 starting on the second page.  Level 8 has homework on Empower, go to the Exponents playlist - to the lesson 3 activity - and complete the problem set #1-3.  
8/24/16: No homework tonight.  
8/23/16: Level 7 and Level 8 has no homework tonight
8/22/16: Level 7 has no homework tonight.  Level 8 has homework on Empower.  Go to the Exponents and Scientific Notation playlist, then click on the lesson two activity, and complete the problem set.  
8/19/16: Level 7 has homework on Empower Playlist Ratios and Proportions, Activity Lesson one: Measuring Rate, problem set 1-7.
8/18/16: Level 7 did not have homework today.  Level 8 had homework on Empower playlist Exponents and Scientific Notation, activity lesson one: Exponential Notation, Problem Set #1-6.
8/17/17:Class Economy sheets were given in class and students were instructed to give them to their parents/guardians.
8/16/17: No Homework
8/15/16: No homework (unless a composition book and math binder is still owed)

3/22/17:  All math classes are also working on their Data Units using data from the march madness bracket.  Students will be working on the unit using Google Classroom.  Codes are as follows:
Level 7: 6g3dyv
Level 8: y2pmv5
Level 9: js9jwk7

Also, students will be competing in the Math Madness Tournament.  Students drew cards to determine their seeding in the tournament.  Students will be given math problems based on the unit we have been working on (level 7 Solving Equations and Inequalities, Level 8 and 9 Graphing Linear Equations)  Round one begins today!.
2/14/17:   I wanted to update parents on how middle school math class has changed. I noticed that our students were not doing enough math problems in class which resulted in a poor turn out in homework.  When students enter the class, they see problems on the board for them to complete.  I may give them the choice of choosing 8  problems or their table may be assigned a board of problems.  When they are ready, the students can answer their problems on the white board.  The students will also be keeping a math binder full of the classwork problems they do each day.  On Fridays, I check their work and give them a score for the learning target.  When students answer problems correctly on the board, they earn a point for their team.  There are rewards once each member earns 10, 15, and 20 points.  Each month, we reset the point totals.  On the NEWS section of my website, you will find the classwork problems for each day.  If a student is absent, then he or she can still work on the problems completed that day in class.
1/24/17: Middle school will be going on a field trip 1/26/17 to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training center.  Students need to have permission slips and $10 turned in to their block 2 teacher.
1/9/17:  Today, we kicked off our Olympic PBL.  For the math portion, students will be creating either the Olympic Village or at least 2 sport venues.  
11/7/16:  All levels can work on PMI problems on empower.
10/11/16:  Today we started a new learning procedure in class. They students were put into a group and we used a rotation process.  Each group gets time with the teacher learning the lesson and then will rotate to other math activities.  We are working on having a more self-paced classroom where students can move forward as fast or slow as they would like.  
9/16/16:  Today was PBL workday.  Classes worked on their Wellness PBL by figuring out their meal plans for 1600, 1800 and 200 calorie meals.  Students learned how many carbs, protein and fats that should be included in their meals everyday and used that information to create sample meal plans to put on their websites. 
9/15/16: Today all classes had the chance to get some work done on IXL.  Afterwards, we spent time doing some homework problems in class.  
9/6/16: Today we worked on classroom economy as well as did our PBL kickoff....What does wellness mean to you?
8/29/16: Level 7 learned about equivalent ratios and how to check to see if fractions are equivalent.  Some methods they learned were checking for common factors and cross multiplying.  Level 8 took a quiz on the properties of exponents.  It looks like we need to revisit those properties, but we will iron out the kinks.  Level 9 as start learning about different measurements and converting metric to customary and customary to metric. 
8/25/16:  Level 7 went back to the basics in writing ratios.  We had our first glimpse at PMI slides and using clickers.  Students had plenty of time to finish all classwork problems and even had extra time to work on their homework.  Level 8 had the same experience as level 7 but learned about raising an exponent by another exponent. 
8/24/16: Students found out what their class economy jobs were today.  We discussed students should be performing their jobs as well as how to earn bonuses and fines. 
8/23/16: Today, everyone took their math scantron tests.  We also discussed what type of instruction would be best for each class.  We had been using engage NY for instruction, but we are going to go back to PMI for now and will use engage NY for higher level of instruction.  Hopefully, students will be able to be more comfortable in math class with the change. 
8/19/16: Level 7 finished up their first math lesson of the year.  We talked about measuring rates focusing on the vocab words of ratio, rate, and unit rate.  The students were quick to pick up on the materials and even had time to complete homework in class. Level 8 found out how to multiply and divide exponents.  IT was a little much for one day, so we took a break from homework tonight and will pick up where we left off on Monday. 
8/17/17: Today we introduced our classroom economy.  Students were able to pick out their top three jobs choices. 

8/11/16: Today was the first day of classes and it was great to see all my students today.  We collected supplies, collected forms and talked about policies and procedures.  It can get pretty hot in the middle school classrooms so remember to bring a water bottle and dress appropriately. 

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