Welcome to Kindergarten 2018-2019!

Kindergarten Teachers

 Mrs. McBride - Room 158
        Mrs. Searight-Barnes - Room 160          
Mr. Koch - Room 162
Welcome to our Kindergarten  Website!
Here you will find information about our curriculum, upcoming events, student websites to visit and other important parent information.  We as a Kindergarten team strongly believe in providing a wide array of educational opportunities and experiences for your child.  We try to connect our classroom learning with as many hands on learning activities as possible. 

A day in the life of a kindergartener 

8:10-8:30  Breakfast  (Served Daily in our classroom and prepared by our tremendous kitchen staff)  Please be on time to allow your son or daughter time to eat.  We need to clean up and begin instruction at 8:30.  If you are late please feed your son or daughter before arriving.

Morning Activities    Our mornings are full of academic and community building activities.  We begin our day with a morning message and an opportunity to share a life experience with their classmates.  This might include circle time or sharing the pen with a classmate.

Literacy   Our most important work in Kindergarten is making sure we all leave as readers.  Our mornings are filled with letter and letter sound practice, shared reading, letter formation and writing, guided reading, read alouds, and independent reading.  We find many ways to practice and explore literacy.  Sight words are essential for emerging readers.

Math   Our Kindergarteners will be practicing number sense by counting and using numbers in many ways.  We will initially be counting within five, then ten, and progress to using our teen numbers.  We practice using many manipulatives and playing games.  All our Kindergarteners should be able to count to 100 by the end of the year.  

Lunch   Our kids are treated to a variety of balanced meals prepared in house by our kitchen staff.  We eat in the classroom and strongly encourage our kids to make healthy choices.  Please let us know if there are any allergies to specific foods.

Science     Our kindergarteners learn to explore the world around them using an inquiry based approach.  We will learn about our five senses, the environment and habitats, and physical science as well.  We also participate in a monthly program with UB science and visit their engineering building on a field trip on January.

Social Studies    We focus on making sure our students learn and experience their community and the roles of community helpers.  We take many field trips to experience our community first hand.  We also explore different cultures, holidays, and traditions and ask our students to share and listen to others about their own cultures and family traditions.  

Recess   Recess is extremely important in developing socially appropriate behaviors in children.  It is a time to play, explore, and make friendships.  Our kids will have several opportunities to play and explore with their classmates each day.  We have a Kindergarten playground right outside our classrooms and have many recess centers in the classrooms as well.  

Proposed Field Trips (more Information to Follow)
October                     Becker Farms
November                  Buffalo Museum of Science      
December                  Erie County Public Library
January                     Explore and More Children's Museum                    
May                           Buffalo Zoo 
June                          Kids Day with the Buffalo Bisons