Camping List

This list is for our month - long camping trip to the northwestern part of the United States.

Camping List 2017

First Aid Kit Earl's Meds Betty's Meds
Kitchen, (Cooking) Coffee Pot Earl's Glasses & Cases Betty's Glasses & Sunglasses
Kitchen, (Cooking) Stoves & Fuel Camping, Bag Chairs Betty's Vitamins
Kitchen, (Cooking) Camp Toaster Camping, Sleeping Bags & Pillows Betty's Cell Phone
Kitchen, (Cooking) Can Opener Camping, Bug Zapper Earl's Cell Phone
Kitchen, (Cooking) Cutting Board Camping, Playing Cards Betty's iPad
Kitchen, (Cooking) Folding Fillet Knife Camping, Duct Tape Earl's iPad
Kitchen, (Cooking) Frying Pan - Large & lid
Camping, Flashlights Cell Phone & iPad Chargers
Kitchen, (Cooking) Frying Pan -  Small & Lid Camping, Plastic Bucket Extension Cord (multiple outlets)
Kitchen, (Cooking) Lighters Camping, Tools Betty's Clothes - Jeans
Kitchen, (Cooking) Cooking Tools Camping, Rope & Cord
Betty's Clothes - Shirts
Kitchen, (Cooking)Sauce Pan & lid Camping, Tent Betty's Clothes - Hankies
Kitchen, (Cooking) Spatula
Camping, Air Mattresses & Air Pump
Betty's Clothes - Sweatshirt
Kitchen, (Cooking) Pot Holders Camping, Tent - Hammer Betty's Clothes - Hoodie
Kitchen, Dish Towels Camping, Tent - LED Lantern Betty's Clothes - Raincoat
Kitchen, Dishpans Camping, Tent - Rug Betty's Clothes - Socks
Kitchen, Dishrags Camping, Tent Stake Puller Betty's Clothes - Underwear
Kitchen, Dish Soap - Dawn Camping, Hot Dog Forks Betty's Clothes - Shoes - Work
Kitchen, Metal Travel Mugs Camping, Walking Sticks Betty's Clothes - Slip on shoes
Kitchen, Drinking cups Camping, Pocket Knives Betty's Clothes - Shoes - White Tennis
Kitchen, Food (See Shopping List) Batteries, AA for GPS & Camera
Betty's Clothes - Bathingsuit
Kitchen, Garbage bags - Heavy Batteries, D for Air pump Betty's Clothes - PJ's
Kitchen, Ice chests & ice Camera Batteries Betty's Clothes - Belt
Kitchen, Paper Towels Cameras - Earl's & Betty's Betty's Clothes - Swimming Towel
Kitchen, Paper Plates Camera Bag Betty's Clothes - Shorts
Kitchen, Paper Plate Holders Camera SD cards Betty's Clothes - Hat or Cap
Kitchen, Pot Scrubbers Camera Batteries and  Chargers Betty's Travel Kit
Kitchen, Rubber Gloves Truck, Extra Keys Earl's Clothes - Jeans
Kitchen, Silverware Truck, Road Atlas Earl's Clothes - Shirts
Kitchen, Large Spoon
Truck, Trash Container Earl's Clothes - Hankies
Kitchen, Water Bottles Truck, Receipt Container Earl's Clothes - Sweatshirt
Kitchen, ZipLock Bags Truck, Extra Oil & Antifreeze Earl's Clothes - Raincoat
Food, Coffee  Truck - Check Washer Fluid Earl's Clothes - Socks
Food, Coffee Filters Truck - Power Inverter Earl's Clothes - Underwear
Food, Creamer Truck - GPS and Dashcam Earl's Clothes - Shoes - Work
Food, Sugar Personal, Betty's Purse Earl's Clothes - Shoes - Slip on
Food, Pancake Mix Personal, Earl's Billfold & Money Earl's Clothes - Swim Trunks
Food, Food, Syrup Personal, Bunpack Earl's Clothes - PJ's
Food, Eggs Personal, Chapstick Earl's Clothes - Gloves
Food, Salty Nut Bars Personal, Deodorant Earl's Clothes - Belt 
Food, Canned Fruit Personal, Insect repellent Earl's Clothes - Swimming Towel
Food, Granola & Trail Mix Personal, Nail Clippers Earl's Clothes - Ball Cap
Laundry, Bags for Dirty Clothes Personal, Passports Earl's Clothes - Sunglasses
Laundry, Tide Pods Personal, Passports Earl's Travel Kit
Laundry, Clothesline Personal, Writing tools Earl's Beach Towel
Laundry,  Truck Clothesline Personal, Toilet Paper Rain Jackets
Laundry, Clothespins  Personal, Towels & Washcloths Hiking - GPS