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Status for 2019-2020CommitteeResponsibilities
Status for 2019-2020CommitteeResponsibilities
OPEN Concessions Beverage Liaison (sub-committee) Coordinate with Coke supplier to arrange delivery of products and make sure concession stands are stocked for games, Oversee cooler stocking each Wednesday before Friday night's home football games. 
OPEN Concessions Chair Oversee management of stand during football season, Coordinate purchasing of paper products and food items, Coordinate setup/clean up and lockup of concession area. 
OPEN Concessions Inventory (sub-committee) Check product supply after each home game and prepare shopping list for reorder, Shop at GFS amd Sam's Club to fill, Will be provided a Sam's Club membership. **Perfect for 2 people to share this position** 
OPEN Marching Band Support Chair With director approval, select a head truck dad & head chaperone for the season, Organize food service & volunteers for 3rd quarter snack, Coordinate selling of snacks at band camp, Provide water & pretzels for band at Memorial Day Parade, Word\k with uniform chair to assist with marching band uniform fittings, Perform other tasks at director's request. 
OPEN PTSA Liason(s) Be a Westlake Music Booster member who represents the booster organization at respective Westlake City School meetings, Provide updates/information from their respective schools at Music Boosters general meetings, Solicit volunteers from your school to help with district wide music events. 
OPEN Treasurer Have custody of the funds and maintain a full account of receipts and disbursements, Make disbursements as authorized, Have check signing privileges, Provide a financial statement at each meeting, Present an annual report of the financial condition of the organization, Submit the books annually for financial review and report findings to Executive Board, Attend meetings of the Westlake Schools Music Boosters, Attend the budget-planning meeting and provide a proposed budget, Be bonded. 
Filled Audit Chair Quarterly review of bank statements, Coordinate annual review before 8/15 
Filled Business Sponsorship Chair Solicit donations, Provide recognition for businesses who participate, Make a program recognizing donors and members for distribution at concerts. 
Filled Fundraising Chair Pursue and coordinate fundraising opportunities for the organization. 
Filled Grants / Scholarships Chair Coordinate disbursement of grant/scholarship funds that are a part of that year's budget, Form a committee of three (3) members, If senior scholarship will be granted, collaborate with Guidance Department to organize selection and distribution of awards(2) 
Filled Hospitality Chair Perform sunshine duties including but not limited to condolence, congratulations, get well and goodwill correspondence, Organize food service & volunteers for events including but not limited to: refreshments after concerts, meals for sponsored events at directors request, Marching Band senior recognition dinner in October, Refreshments for volunteers at MALM 
Filled Membership Chair Coordinate annual membership drive, Prepare & distribute membership form, Compile & maintain a membership database with contact information, Coordinate a membership table at all district music concerts & special events, Contact previous year's members for renewal, provide membership information to President and Secretary prior to general meetings. 
Filled Music a la Mode Chair Coordinate event, Collaborate with Music Department faculty to pick date and scheduling of performance groups, Prepare a program, Coordinate sponsors for program, Coordinate refreshments, Collaborate with volunteer chairperson and publicity chair, Coordinate raffle, Coordinate ticket sales. 
Filled President  Preside at all meetings, Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except Nominating & Audit, Coordinate the work of the officers and committees, Conduct an annual review of the Bylaws & Standing Rules, Serve as President Emeritus for one year following completed term. 
Filled Publicity Chair Advertise general meetings, fundraisers and Westlake Schools Music Booster events, Utilize social media platforms to promote awareness. 
Filled Secretary Keep recording of all meetings and be custodian of all the permanent files, Have copies of minutes available at the following meeting for review and approval, Keep current copy of Bylaws and Standing Rules, Have a current membership list available at every meeting, Attend the Westlake Schools Music Booster meetings. 
Filled Uniform Chair Assist faculty in maintaining uniforms, and the fitting of uniforms 
Filled Vice President Act as an aid to the President, Preform the duties of President in President's absence, Attend the Westlake Music Booster's meetings, Serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee, Coordinate with the Director of Transportation the eligibility and confirmation of the Music Booster's truck drivers and serve as liaison on all truck matters, Coordinate corporate membership fundraising. 
Filled Videographer Chair Coordinate recording, editing and posting of district music events on the Music Booster YouTube channel (events to include but are not limited to marching band half time performances, PAC concerts grades 5-12 and MALM, Manage Music Booster owned recording equipment. 
Filled Volunteer Coordinator Chair Collaborate with committee chairs & teachers that need volunteer assistance, Actively recruit volunteers for Music Department events, Maintain a volunteer database. 
Filled Web Master Oversee & maintain the Westlake Schools Music Boosters website, keeping posted material current and organized. 
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