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Tuesday, September 11th - 7pm -  WHS Library

All of our music programs and teachers, from Pre-K through 12th grade, are supported and enhanced 
through your generous contributions to Westlake Schools Music Boosters.  
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This is what your generous contributions allowed us to do the last 2 years:

  • Allocate $10,000 to support Pre-K-12 music programs in our district.
  • Purchase a brand new drumline for the Demon Marching Band

  • Purchase 6 baritones, a tuba, and an oboe for the DIS band program.
  • Purchase a timpani for the LBMS band program
  • Sponsor our WHS choral and instrumental groups at OMEA contests.
  • Award over $4,200 for students to attend summer music workshops.
  • Purchase Vibes and a Bass Trombone for WHS.
  • Fund professional specialists to provide lessons at DIS on the oboe, french horn, tuba, & bassoon and a percussion specialist at WHS.
  • Donate $10,000 toward the installation of turf at WHS.
  • Pay for repairs to school owned instruments at DIS, LBMS, and WHS

To continue our mission, the Westlake Music Boosters is asking for your support as a paid and active member.

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