Westlake Academy Athletic Club

The WAAC serves and supports the Athletic Director in building student athletic participation within the WA community. The WAAC fulfills this mission in many ways, including organizing fund-raising events, hosting and funding the athletic banquet, filling volunteer needs , selling spirit wear and making financial contributions directly to or for the benefit of Westlake Academy athletics. 

Parents of students at WA are eligible to become members of the WAAC by payment of the membership fee. Others who may become members by payment of the fee include faculty and administration of WA, employees of the town of Westlake, residents of the town of Westlake, and those residents of surrounding communities who are interested in the growth and success of Westlake Academy. If you would like to join, please notify the WAAC Board.

This site is provided as a service to the Westlake Academy community and will be regularly updated to include current calendar information, WAAC Board meeting minutes and more.

Purpose, times of meetings- The WAAC Board meets monthly. The time and place for the next meeting is decided at the end of each Board meeting and posted in the minutes.

The WAAC will hold quarterly general meetings. Dates, times and places will be posted as they become available.

Board Members:
 Mike Garabedian-  President
Scott Cortinas- Vice President
Laura Luckett - Treasurer
 Lisa Bartels- Secretary
Jennifer Griffin - Volunteer Organizer
Mona Mitchell - Past President

Notable successes/events- The WAAC hosts an annual sports banquet for Westlake Academy student athletes, grades 7 and up. For the 2013/2014 school year, the WAAC donated in excess of $45,000 stocking the training room, weight room, cross country tent, soccer goals and soccer shelters. 

The WAAC has provided resources to ensure that our sports teams have quality equipment and supplies. You can help by becoming a member today!