New Books for Primary

Look for these new books by TITLE in the online catalog.


  • The moon seems to change
  • Gravity is a mystery

Telling Time and Number Concepts

  • 100 days of school
  • 20 hungry piggies
  • Pattern bugs
  • Pattern fish
  • Tally cat keeps track
  • Jenny found a penny
  • Splitting the herd: a corral of odds
  •  The clock struck one
  • At school : telling time by the half hour
  • At the beach : the parts of a day
  • At the park : telling time by the hour
  • At the zoo : telling time by the quarter hour  

Economics & Government

  •  Who's buying? Who's selling? Understanding consumers and producers
  • Where do we keep money? How banks work
  • What is money, anyway? : why dollars and cents have value
  • Do I need it? or do I want it? : making  budget choices 
  • The U.S. Constitution and you
  • How the U.S. government works
  • The Bill of Rights : protecting our freedom then and now
  • The Declaration of Independence : how 13 colonies became the United States

International Mindedness

  •  What the world eats
  • This child, every child: A book about the world’s children
  • Confucius: the golden rule

History & Artistic Movements

  • Renaissance & Reformation    5 vol. set
  • Holy Roman Empire and Charlemagne                      
  • A brief political and geographic history of Europe
  • Black stars of the Civil Rights Movement   (and other titles in the 'Black Stars...' series)
  • Freedom walkers: the Montgomery bus boycott

  Texas/North America explorers

  •  Biographies and other titles about Cortes, de Gama, Henson

  U. S. Presidents

  • Individual biographies of each president 
Artistic Movements
  • New titles about major artistic movements in historical context