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Wimba Voice

Voice Board

Wimba Voice Board is a threaded, voice-based discussion board. While you may have used message boards before, Voice Boards take communication to the next level by adding voice to an intuitive, conversational interface.

  1. About Voice Board
  2. Composing a New Thread
  3. Replying to a Message
  4. Reviewing a Message
  5. Saving Message Audio
  6. Filterting Options
  7. Video Board Options

Voice Presentation

Voice Presentation allows you to present web content alongside voice messages. This provides a resource to create a vocal slide show, web tour, or review of any curricula across disciplines -- including web pages, images, and internet-based media.

  1. About Voice Presentation
  2. Posting a Comment
  3. Reviewing a Slide
  4. Saving Message Audio
  5. Video Presentation Options

Voice Podcaster

Wimba Podcaster is a complete, start-to-finish podcasting application. It allows you and your students to author vocal recordings and distribute them over the Internet using syndication feeds. All .mp3 files are hosted on the Wimba Voice server, which also automatically creates the RSS feed. Users can play messages directly within Voice Podcaster, download audio from the feed, or subscribe using their preferred RSS reader.

  1. About Voice Podcaster
  2. Creating a New Podcast Message
  3. Reviewing a Message
  4. Playback Options
  5. Subscribing to Podcasts
  6. Saving Message Audio