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Known Issues

Emergency Downtime 

The regularly scheduled CourseDen server maintenance this Friday has been extended for the installation of additional storage. The new downtime will be from 10 pmFriday (June 27) until 10 am, Saturday (June 28). Therefore, your online courses may be unavailable until10 am Saturday morning, and you may need to alter any course deadlines that fall during this time period. If you need assistance with due date adjustments or other course options, please contact us at UWG|Online: 678-839-6248 or

“Go to Submit Quiz” button not working when trying to submit a Quiz

If the “Go to Submit Quiz” button is not working when taking a quiz (the button will not “press down”), please contact our help desk at 1-855-933-8946 (local: 678-839-6248). This is an issue with how the description and/or quiz question were inserted into CourseDen.

Content not displaying / Blank screen where content should be

There is currently an issue with mixed content not showing in CourseDen. Mixed content is content that is linked from an outside, unsecured website and placed into a secured site. This has been causing browsers to pop-up security warnings whenever a student tries to view content that is being brought in from the internet (wikispaces, YouTube, etc.) Depending on the browser, certain actions should be taken. Please click here to see how to navigate through each browser security warning. (If you would like to include the PDF in your class, please download the file and upload it in your course. Linking the file will not show up in CourseDen)

The biggest issue is the latest version of Firefox 23.0.1. This version has different degrees of mixed content that it registers. This is causing Firefox to recognize mixed content, but does not provide a warning to the user. Instead, nothing is displayed and the student sees a blank screen. Until we can find a more elegant solution, please use another browser, preferably Chrome.

This is not a software issue with CourseDen or Mozilla Firefox, this is simply an incompatibility with the two programs and online security. UWG | Online has reported the issue to Mozilla and plan to have a resolution as soon as possible. If you are having any problems, please contact us at 1-855-933-8946 (local: 678-839-6248) or

Links in course documents are not working

If you have a document that has a clickable link to other content, it will currently not be clickable when students view the file in the new Content document viewer, i.e., within D2L. The link is visible, but not clickable.

If the user downloads the document, then links work as usual. To be able to click the links embedded in the document, please read “How to download Course Content”

Certain functionality is not working in CourseDen when I access the system through myUWG

When you login to CourseDen through myUWG, the CourseDen system is displayed in a window at the bottom of myUWG. For security reasons, myUWG blocks the ability for pop-ups to be displayed. CourseDen uses pop-ups to display major elements of courses, such as: email, discussions, and course content. If you run into this issue, please exit out of myUWG and navigate to: This will bring you directly to CourseDen.

Receiving the error “Not Authorized” or unable to see the “Go to Email” link when trying to access email

When you are unable to access your email and are receiving issues described above, there could an issue with quiz that you have attempted but did not finish. Follow these instructions for restoring your email access.