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The Desire2Learn Binder App is designed to assist students by enabling offline viewing of all content into a central app (no browser required). This allows the user to download content, mark-up documents using the built in tools, and view content more easily.

Currently, this app is only available to iPad and Android users, and this does not replace logging into CourseDen using a computer or other device. Tools are not available inside the Binder App, so students will still need to login in order to take quizzes, submit assignments, and interact with their professors and peers. For more information about Binder, visit:

  1. Download the App
  2. Create Your EduDentity Account
  3. Connect CourseDen to your Binder Account (Computer)
  4. Connect CourseDen to your Binder Account (iPad)
  5. Interacting with Content (iPad)
  6. Using Content Markup Tools