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Use the Grades tool to assign/enter grades for assignments and tests. You can enter individual student grades, as well as see class averages and provide feedback. 

As an instructor or course designer, you can determine:

  • How to set up your grade book to best reflect your approach to evaluation.
  • The grading system your grade book uses.
  • The grade scheme your grade book uses to display achievement levels.
  • How grades display to students.
  • The type of final grade calculation you want to use and release to students.
  • How grades update in the grade book.
  • How to deal with ungraded items.
  • Which projects, assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc. you want to include in your grade book.
  • Which grade items to associate with other tools (e.g. Dropbox, Quizzes, Discussions).
  • When to release grades to users and what information they can see.

  1. Using the Setup Wizard
  2. Import/Export Grades
  3. Grade Schemes 
  4. New Category 
  5. New Grade Item
  6. Enter Grades
  7. View Student Progress
  8. Bonus Items
  9. Releasing Final Calculated Grade
  10. Rename a Grade Item
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