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The Dropbox tool enables you to submit assignments in CourseDen, eliminating the need for students to mail, fax, to instructors. Simply direct students to upload their submission to the appropriate dropbox folder and submit.

The Dropbox tool allows you to see users’ submission times, download dropbox folders to your computer, view submissions with the document viewer on the Evaluate Submission page, associate dropbox folders to rubrics and competencies, and return submissions with grades and feedback.

You can view users' submissions and submission dates in the Folder Submissions area. This eliminates the need to collect assignments and helps you track when files were submitted.

Create categories to group and organize your dropbox folders. You can also restrict access to dropbox folders by date and time, group membership, or special access permissions. Each folder's Folder Submissions area has search and filter options that enable you to find users' submitted files by username, submission history, and amount of feedback they have received.


  1. About Dropbox
  2. Submitting to a dropbox folder
  3. Creating categories and dropbox folders
  4. Managing categories and folders
  1. Associating dropbox folders with learning objectives
  2. Managing dropbox submissions
  3. Viewing submitted files
  4. Download dropbox folder submission files
  5. Leaving feedback and grading dropbox submissions
  6. Previewing dropbox folders and submissions
  7. Viewing Dropbox event log

Updated June 30, 2014, JAL