Training Calendar

We offer a variety of training throughout the semester.

01/08/2014: In case you missed it before the upgrade, we do have a list of "what's new" in the various components of D2L.  You can find it at

Join us for our twice monthly webcasts! We fill you in on all the latest happenings in the FDC and explore the tip of the week! Join our mailing list today to hear about training opportunities first.

CourseDen training
Learn more about individual CourseDen features, from Dropbox to Quizzes. Join us in the FDC or live from your desk, via a Google Hangout or the YouTube stream. 

Dedicated departmental training
Schedule a group training for your department today! Sessions individualized to meet your department's needs are available just for the asking. Email us at, or call ext. 95289

One-on-One in-your-office personalized training
Email us at, or call ext. 95289, and we'll set up an appointment with you.

USG Maintenance Schedule - Fall 2014
Each GeorgiaVIEW server undergoes scheduled maintenance every other weekend, during which the GeorgiaVIEW service is temporarily unavailable. This routine, periodic maintenance is essential to keep GeorgiaVIEW operating smoothly. Faculty should schedule quiz and assignment submission deadlines BEFORE the maintenance period begins. (10:00pm instead of midnight) Students should plan to complete work BEFORE the maintenance begins. GeorgiaVIEW is usually returned to service 1-2 hours after maintenance begins. However, the entire window is always reserved in case additional work is necessary.