What is iApollo?

The iApollo Google Community is a positive learning space for UWG|Online and Distance Faculty to share

  • individual successes
  • best practices
  • tips and tricks for increasing student achievement, retention, and instructor life balance
  • the latest trends in online and distance education

iApollo is also a twice monthly Google On Air Hangout developed by the staff of the UWG|Online Faculty Development Center. Members of the iApollo community and faculty from all around campus are invited to join in on the conversation.

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Interested staff are welcome to join, too!

News & Updates

Our staff is dedicated to helping students succeed in online courses and enabling distance faculty on teaching rather than technology.

Learn more about the latest trainings and services the UWG|Online FDC has to offer. To see past videos click here.

Question of the Day

Let’s start a conversation! Each week we post a question to start provocative discussions about online teaching. See a full list of the Question of the Day here.

Tip of the Week

From how to use tools in CourseDen to Google Apps, see the latest tips to using these technology enhanced tools for online learning. See a full list of topics here.

updated May 29, 2014, JAL