Faculty Development Center

Who we are

Meet the Faculty Development Center staff:
You can find our biographies at http://uwgonline.westga.edu/our-staff.php.

What we do

It is our job—and our pleasure—to help the faculty of UWG design, develop, implement any online component of their courses.  From large-scale projects to just fixing a glitch in your course, we can help.  We can help you design your course from the ground up, revise one you've been teaching, or untangle one you've inherited.  Even if you're not completely online, we can help you implement any of the university's online tools/software in your course.

We can help you design a new course or improve a current one.  We provide training on D2L and all its components, either one-on-one or online.  We've put together tons of step-by-step instructions on how to do most of what you need to do on a daily basis. We can troubleshoot your grade book. 

We are spearheading the implementation of the Quality Matters rubrics as a means of evaluating and promoting UWG's online instruction on a national scale.

How to find us

The Faculty Development Center is housed in the basement of the Old Auditorium directly across from Ingram Library's main entrance.  Look for the marquee with our name on it.  Drop in any time and we'll be glad to help!

updated, June 3, 2014, JAL